Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Achieving greatness: it can be achieved with one word

But how can I?  How many times do we utter that s entence when we are talking about changing our life?   We get comfortable in our lives and when faced with the need for change we just don’t have a single clue how in the world we will ever enact that change.  How can I?  How can I find the time?  How can I do that with the terrible arthritis in my knees?  How can I when I don’t have a membership?  How can I when I weigh so much?

It’s been no secret of late that I am unhappy with my fitness level.  Ok, so maybe I’ve been rambling on and on about it...just a wee bit!   It’s seriously been on my mind a lot!  It came up in a conversation at work the other day.   A gal that sits near me who loves to exercise and I were talking.  I shared my struggle.  I talked about my long I leave my house at 7AM and don’t get home until 6PM (if I’m lucky) and how that doesn’t leave a lot of time for exercise in the evening. I mentioned how I hesitate to get home at 6 and break into exercise because I would never have a moment to relax.  I would literally get home, exercise, shower, cook dinner, eat, clean up and then I would be within a half hour or so of the time that I crash and head to bed.  Is that truly sustainable?  For me no.  I want a healthy life and a healthy body...but even more I want a healthy relationship with Jason and we honestly treasure that time we have together each evening. I mentioned to my coworker that I’ve thought about waking up 30 minutes earlier each morning to  at least get a 20 -25 minute run in the books..or a 20 minute ride on the bike trainer.   But in this conversation I whined, “but that’s early”.  (Yes, I really did whine!)

And that is when she said one word that puts it all into perspective and reminded me on how to achieve greatness and success.


Oh yes...’if you want something bad enough, you will sacrifice something in order to achieve it’. For me and my fitness level it’s the sacrifice of time that has to be made.   My week days are full and I honestly like my routine (well...I don’t like the long commute that makes my day so long...but that’s just how life is...I need to work to pay the bills so that one is kinda non-negotiable at the moment).  But if I want to achieve greatness and reclaim the level of fitness that I had achieved a few years ago I need to sacrifice something in my schedule.  

What to sacrifice?  My mind was in a whirl for a few minutes as I pondered.  But I didn’t have to ponder long.  I will definitely NOT be sacrificing my evening time with Jason on a consistent basis!   Just not happening.  We need that hour or so each evening after the evening/post work activities of life (cooking, showers, etc) is over to reconnect and recharge not only our batteries but to help keep our relationship strong.  That time also doubles as our ‘relax after a long day’ time...which is equally as important.   I’m lucky in the fact that sometimes we do go out for a bike ride or a walk in the evening as part of our time together.  But I still need to figure out a consistent long term solution.  It leaves one thing.....waking up earlier.

If I’m going to be so adamant about not consistently infringing upon my time with Jason them I have to sacrifice in another area.  Waking up earlier!   And if truth be known, I am usually awake earlier than the alarm anyway.   I play on my phone, write blog posts (yup...this was written at 5:30 AM on my phone), read blogs and respond to blogs.    So it’s not really a complete stretch to actually remove myself from the bed and do something active.  I will just need to sacrifice my personal quiet time in the morning!

So....decision is made.   I want to achieve greatness....I am ready to sacrifice in order to achieve it!!!