Monday, October 26, 2015

Renassaince festival and food

What in the world can I say???????   

I didn't do one step of running.  Ok, maybe I ran up the steps that one time when I was in the basement and really had to pee!  Does that count?????  

I actually had plans to run, but it just seemed as if I was busy from sun up to sun down the whole weekend.  That's a good thing I guess.  But bad for the running.  

My eating has been 100% tracked.  I have put it all down.  The bad, the good and the ugly.  It hasn't been stellar.  But it hasn't been off the hook bad.  Probably 200-300 calories over each day.   I am somehow still holding onto my lower weight.  I know I have to round it up and watch closely if I want to lose more.  That or I seriously need to pick up my exercise hot and heavy again.  

I went to the Maryland Renaissance Festival with some friends yesterday.  As always the food was delicious!  I was surprised...I thought we would have a lot more steps in.   Luckily I didn't go too overboard in my eating!  

Zumba tonight......and then running tomorrow morning.  That's the plan!