Monday, June 03, 2013

When did that happen!

It's the beginning of the a few things happened.......

1.  I took my measurements.  Once again for this month I saw a reduction of one inch in every measurement on my torso.  My arm and leg measurements stayed the same.  I'm great with that!  :-)

2.  Well, this isn't the beginning of the month specific but it goes in with this information.  I weighed myself for my official weigh in and I'm down 1.4 from last week.  That means that I recouped my one pound vacation weight gain and had an extra point four to spare!  This brings my numbers to....  Overall loss 95.9  from my highest and that is 32.4 pounds since January! 

3.  Picture time! Progress report at it's finest.  And that sparked a conversation with my husband...but I'll get there after I share the progress...and give you a reminder of where I've been and what I'm doing.

So this morning I was in the bathroom getting ready for my run.  I don't normally wear form fitting clothes.  It is a kick back of being so overweight that you are trying to hide your excess pounds (yeah, futile effort, but we all try it when we are overweight).  I do have a couple workout outfits that are a bit more form fitting and I wear them on occasion, but I typically end up in a simple tee shirt for my workouts.  I have scaled down...I'm not still wearing the HUGE tee shirts to work out, but they are still not form fitting.  So anyway.  This morning I put on my typical picture outfit for my run....kill two birds with one stone ya know.  My typically self absorbed husband looks over at me and says, "Holy Crap, when did that happen, your getting really curvy???  And How?"  I just looked at him incredulously.  Seriously?   I've been focused on pretty much one thing the last 5-6 months.  Anyone that has talked to me knows this!   Furthermore, I leave the house at least once mostly twice a day to workout...I return home covered in sweat...he hears me groaning when my muscles are tight and stiff from a good workout.  But yet he's asking me how??   ha ha ha  Finally I answered.  "Bike riding, running, zumba....amongst other things.  That's why I'm always begging you to go biking with me or to go play tennis!  When....lots of hours the last few months!"     Even as I shake my head at his delayed notice of the progression, I am smiling because it was finally obvious enough that even my self absorbed husband saw it!  My hard work is paying off, it IS becoming evident in my shape!

I read lots of blogs, today I do believe ill be reading through this one at work.