Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Sniff sniff...what is that?

Last night at zumba my legs were heavy heavy heavy.  I pushed through though.  I went home and watched The Biggest Loser.  It was the makeover week.  I always find that week intriguing because it's almost as if that is the first time that the contestants realize how much they have shrunk.  It's almost like that is the episode where they see their efforts for the first time.  After TBL, I went to bed.  The plan was to get in bed and read for a while...at least until Todd came home.  However, I crawled into bed and realized how tired I was....I never picked up the kindle.....I was asleep in mere minutes.  I was so sound asleep that I never even heard Todd come home late when he got off of work.  (he is still sleeping on the couch...has been ever since he got sick...he may have wanted to come back to bed last night but I'm sure I was sprawled across the whole bed and that kinda disallowed his return...ahh what a pity).

I woke up early and was  ready to start my day.  I laid in bed and texted someone about taking their pictures. (I'm so excited!...I love photography...and I'm itching for a chance to do some 'real' photography versus the quick snaps on my cell phone that I have been using on my blog of late.)    I finally got up, did a bit of laundry and dressed for a nice winter jog and I headed to the battlefield.  I started.  It wasn't a bad run.  I was tickled to see that my breathing was pretty well regulated the whole time.  Maybe the panicky breathing that marked the first few weeks of running is behind me.  :-)   Amazing that my breathing today was so easy.....my bucolic run was through fields that had just been spread with manure.  Fun stuff.....ahhhh fresh country air!

Freshly spread manure and my shadow

I was alone for most of my run. (an old man was out at one of the privately owned houses and I stopped and said high to him...I was actually already done with my run and was just cooling down).  The battlefield was empty.  When it's cold this is the case in the mornings!  I guess most people are sane and stay in where it's warm!  No fear...I had lots of guards to monitor my progress!

One of my many guards
Life is keeping me busy..don't know how but it feels like I'm on the go constantly.  Oh well, it's working for me.  I weighed myself today just for ME...my official weigh in is on Monday.  The scales were friendly today......it's looking like I may make my 20 pound mark for this year very soon..... Maybe I should start looking for my next charm (I've got an idea of what I'm going to get).   I'm utterly focused on my goals and nothing is going to derail me!

Desi the cat grudgingly accepts me...he is most definitely Todd's cat.  He doesn't usually come near me.  There are two exceptions!  One, he is a ham and LOVES to have his picture taken....he poses and lets me near him with my camera.  (Todd swears that the wound on his nose was inflicted by one of MY cats.  I cry foul and say that none of MY cats would do anything like that...surely it was a self inflicted wound!)

The other exception is ice cream.  Desi LOVES ice cream.  I had enough calories to enjoy some ice cream last night.  Desi sniffed at it and would have started licking it had I not scooped my bowl away!