Thursday, October 01, 2015


It is not secret that I have been struggling with this decision about the half marathon.  It’s killing me.  I don’t want to quit, but I struggle with going on.  Admittedly, I have now this week not run once since my long run last Saturday.  Yup…I’ve skipped two 5 mile runs and one 3 mile run.  I feel a bit guilty about it for sure,   I’ve had my reasons…even if they are just trumped up excuses that my mind has made up.


The decision isn’t made.  I’m still waffling.



But here is a thought that I had this morning. Yeah, I had this thought while I was driving to Burger King to pick up breakfast on my way to work….don’t be a hater!   I was thinking about this stupid marathon and its importance in my life of late.  That is when I realized that this training and this half marathon and this running thing has hijacked my efforts to lose weight.  Yeah, I’m still wanting to lose weight.  And most certainly, running a gazillion miles each week can cause weight loss. However, it has actually been harder than I thought because running a gazillion (to me at least) miles each week means that I’m just really hungry!  Running became my focus.   Running hijacked my blog.  


I’m not entirely sure that the blog being hijacked by running is a bad thing.  Afterall, being healthy and weight loss and all that jazz goes hand in hand with running.  But my focus definitely slipped away from weight loss sometime in the last few months. 


Luckily, over the last month or two, I HAVE pretty consistently tracked my food intake.  I track,even though may days I am not within my caloric budget range.   Furthermore, my water consumption has been spotty at best though.  


So here is where I’m at.  The half marathon hasn’t been scrubbed yet.  Time will tell.  There is no reason to make a decision at this point. Everything is line up to do it and if I chose to not do it nothing will change other than that Saturday morning in Philly I will be doing something else versus running.  (Crying maybe ha ha ha).  I can keep running but my focus will be returning to weight loss and the WHOLE picture and not just one aspect of what I’m doing.      


And as soon as I wipe the grease from my breakfast hash rounds off my lips, I’ll be working on keeping my calories in check!

Yeah they were tasty too!!!