Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Week 1

Well then, one week is complete in this new year.  Dare I look at the week and see how I've done????  Why yes, lets do so!

So the goals...
*Track my food every day…regardless of what I’m eating.----Check
* Stay within my food budget 6 out of every 7 days. ---check (granted I did eat some of my exercise calories)
* Exercise 5 times a week….at least 30 minutes each time.  Drat....I thought I had this one..I didn't remember the 30 minute restriction.  I exercised 5 days....but one day was only for 20 minutes.  GRRRR
  Water Water Water.  I’m not aiming for perfect.  5 days a week 64 ounces of at least CLOSE  Check

So 3 out of 4 is not bad!  And I only missed that fourth one by 10 stinkin' minutes!

Still cold outside...which is why we got home from town and went right to bed....we are watching tv in bed....why get all comfy warm in the living room and then in an hour move to the bed and have to warm up a whole new set of blankets!  :)

So week one is in the books.  I would like to get back to eating really clean and not relying on those exercise calories. But I'm still going to call this week a success!!!!!!

Baby it's cold outside!

Well it's cold!!!  Frigidly cold.  The heat pump is running near constantly to keep our house warm.....and the floors still seem cold...my feet are FROZEN!  OH well....

So the cold weather deterred me from going out for my morning run.  Oh well.  However, I did go out for a few minutes at 7AM.  I had some experimenting to do.

First we took a pan of boiling water outside and threw it into the air........  Check out the video if you haven't seen this done. It's pretty cool!

Then I took my bubbles outside and blew some bubbles.  Also pretty cool.  You can see that the one bubble was frozen and shattered.....

Then I came inside and did something that I love to do on cold winter days....I baked.  Banana muffins this time
I was good though, I knew I was baking them so I didn't eat breakfast until they came out of then oven....I made these yummy concoctions my breakfast (no I didn't eat all of them...ONE was my breakfast!).  I managed and planned!  

Onward I go!  I will succeed!