Monday, June 06, 2016

Another one bites the dust

I have managed to keep my eating relatively controlled this past week.  I was a bit high early last week but I got it somewhat regulated!  It wasn't a perfect week but it was somewhat better!

Luckily for me...I took a sneak peak on the scales this morning and it is looking like my weight has held steady ( 0.4 down actually).  Hopefully I can knock it to a full pound by my official weigh in day!!

We didn't hike this weekend.  They were calling for mad thunderstorms.  We Strokled through some stores and visited some cool old towns, and examined the bargains (and not so much bargains) at some flea markets and we geocached a bit!   And frustratingly enough we somehow managed to avoid almost every drop of rain!!!  Right place and right time, I guess.  But we commented so many times, 'we should have just taken our rain gear and gone out and risked it!!!'   Oh well.  It was a good day regardless!!!!

You can see how muddy the river was in Harper's Ferry...attesting to the mad rain that occurred just prior to our arrival (by the time we left the area the water was once again bluish black like normal). 

Here is an old shed we found while geocaching!

And of course in the trail outfitters stores we tried ok hats!  

Another good weekend.   And shopping (window shopping for the most part) in these trail outfitter stores (and other stores) really made me want to lose much easier to shop and get some of the most awesome clothes if I were a size or so smaller!!!!  The smaller really cool stores seem to only carry up to size 12.   So my size 16 behind just gets to drool right now at those places!!!