Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Sweaty but happy

Well, today I got back on the bike.  No excuses.  I've done light 20 minute token activity (I won't even call it exercise) the last few days but knew that it wasn't cutting it.  I needed to get back out and sweat.  I needed it for a number of reasons.   I've been shaken to my core again by some things happening and I've been trying to work through them.  I've been fighting the urge to eat food to drown my sadness.  I know that exercise clears my mind and helps me stay away from food. So it was SUPER important that I get out and REALLY exercise.  I needed it.  Plus, I'm not going to get into onederland easily if I don't exercise. (possible to do it without exercise, but it will take a super strict diet...and that's not what I'm aiming for...I"m aiming to LIVE). 

Yesterday I talked about getting the ball rolling.  I got it rolling...literally today with my bike ride.  I just went 10 miles but it felt good.  I was doing something for ME again.  I was recommitting to this process.   I'm roughly 30 pounds away from my 'high end' (doctor recommended high end) goal.  (yes, I think I'm cutting myself short by saying that I want to stop at 180 pounds...I'm 5'8"....I'm going to lose down to where I need to be.....at least see how I look when I'm in the proper weight range for my BMI....which for me is 164 or less....if I'm doing this, I"m going to do it RIGHT!)  So I exercised this morning, food is all accounted for and planned out for the day.  There is a planned walk with Todd tonight....just a mile , maybe two.  We will see how my foot handles it. Heading to the shower now.  I'm sweaty after my ride, but I'm happy with myself for doing it!
As a little post script....my weigh has held me back from so much my whole life.  I don't want that to be the case anymore....so I'm pondering doing something crazy crazy crazy for my weight loss celebration maybe my onederland...maybe my goal weight celebration.  I don't know.   Sky diving.  The thought has been floating around in my head.  Yeah, I know my mom will have a conniption. (maybe I can talk my brother into doing it with me....may as well cause her to totally lose her marbles!.....ha ha ha)   I don't' know where the sky diving thing came from .  Just the other day I said to my self "Self, wouldn't it be cool to jump from a plane?"    Not saying it's going to happen.  But I'm kinda chewing this idea around in my head.