Saturday, November 11, 2006


Well, I'm pretty hopeful. I went to the doctor with my husband. He was happy to announce that the scales at the gym...and the scales at home are all pretty accurate (with the scales at home being the known 5 pounds less). So, I knew what I weighed at the gym...(the same as I weighed at weight watchers). SOOOO I hopped on the scales when the doctor and nurse weren't in the room. They weighed me at 210 pounds. Now..I'm not saying that I lost four pounds since my weigh in...but I'm hoping that maybe..somehow I've dropped big. It would definitely put me back in the running! Maybe I need to sneak a peak at the home scales tomorrow morning!

Had to go out and buy a new wedding band...the old one was way to loose....along with my engagment ring and other rings. I bought a simple band...but one with a little texture since that's the only ring I plan on wearning for a while!