Monday, July 01, 2013

Cue the fireworks cuz they aren't for the fourth of july they are for ME!

Cue the fireworks....they will not be for my nations independence day, they will be for me.  MOI!   Me, myself and I!   Today was my official weigh day.  I don't know how I managed to show a loss.  I've been spotty at best with exercise and I've made poor eating choices, and that's being generous when I describe my previous week.  I showed up with a 2.6 loss today!  That takes me to.....100.5 pounds lost!   Yes, I am back into the more than 100 pounds lost category!   Ahhh lets take a moment to celebrate!  :-)

I'm shaking my head at the loss.  I'll take it though.  Honestly, I think I needed this loss today more than ever before.  Not just to get back into the 100 pounds lighter category, but because I've been REALLY down about this whole foot issue.  I want to run.  I want to zumba.  I want to play tennis.  I want to MOVE.   I've been grounded.  I've been stressed about the ramifications this could have on my weight loss.  I've been depressed about it.  I KNOW that weight is lost in the kitchen and not via exercise.  But the exercise gives me the leeway to not be s 'perfect' in the kitchen.  It gives me the leeway to be a normal human being.   Today seeing the scales drop and yes, getting to the 100 pounds gone goal has rejuvenated me to say "nothings going to keep me down, to hell with with the foot!"

I made an appointment for the doctor on Wednesday (they wanted to get me in today, but I would have had to call off work sick!) at 3:30.   Wish me luck.  While I'm there I'll have him look at the heel pain first of course, but also the  somewhat persistent ache that I've had forever last year (the pain that I thought I had moved past but has resurfaced with the heel pain....most likely because I"m walking on my foot in a different manner due to the heel pain).

Sooooo  next stop on this train???    Under 200 pounds baby!   I want to be in onederland!   Bring it on!  I may be grounded but I'm not out of this fight!