Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'm having a forgetful night...that and a weird spelling day!

Oh my....I forgot to say. I am grocery shopped up for the week! I'm ready to attempt this core thing! I'm quite honestly quite scared to do it! I mean, I can eat as much as I want of the 'approved' foods???? What if this backfires and I put on weight this week? I'm going to be so disspointed. Now, honestly, the ick is just around the corner, so I"m retaining my beginning weight on Tuesday will probably be a bit skewed. But still.......

Yes, my weight is just flucuating like mad this week! It's showing me up at 185.2 this morning. Hmmmmmm. I was 183 last Tuesday and Wednesday morning! And since then I've been up! I know, historically speaking that I'm up for about a week before the ick I do expect it and know it's coming. However, it is still frustrating. All I can say is this. At lest it is only a 2-3 pound flucuation. When I first started this weight loss journey...back when I was 305 or so weight would fluctuate about 10 pounds or more before the ick. At least the flucuations are getting 'smaller' also. haa haa haa

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