Friday, September 25, 2020

Hiking Pants

 We are starting to get excited about our upcoming vacation!   We had pondered for so long about where to go...beach or mountains!   We finally cemented the decision to go to the mountains after a quick weekend trip to the beach.   While we had fun, wearing masks on the boardwalk...OUTSIDE was just to something I want to do for a week long vacation!  So we decided that the mountains sounded like a great plan!!!!  

We decided to head back to New River Gorge.  We had been there in late June for a short trip and we had LOVED it!  YOu can see highlights of that trip here  and here.   At that time, we already had the beach trip booked but we made the comment, 'we could come back here for a week and have plenty to see and do'.  Little did we know that about 3-4 months later we would be going back!  It will be a trip of hiking and lots of outdoor activities....and the temperatures will be in the 60's and maybe low 70's!  

I started to plan for a trip to the beach and I immediately panicked!!!  Holy smokes!  I don't have enough pants and clothes for a trip like that!  I only have 1-2 pairs of jeans.  My exercise pants are old and well worn.  What in the world was I going to wear on vacation?    I went onto amazon and picked out 3 pairs of hiking pants.  I wasn't sure of size.  I wasn't sure of anything.  But I decided to give it a try!  (Some of our local stores aren't letting us try on clothes either so that wouldn't have helped!)

Amazon has a sizing thing that you can enter your height and weight and it will recommend the size.  I was contemplating trusting their sizing guides and buying the recommended size.  But then I remembered that I have purchased hiking pants before and they seem to run small.  I was a solid 16 at that point and I couldn't fit into the 16's.  So I was leary about doing the 'recommended' size.  I bought my pants in a bigger size.  And then I sat back to wait for my packages to arrive.  

The first pants were the Toomet hiking Convertible Zip off pants.  (Amazon Affiliate Link).  They actually fit!!!  I was so excited.  The legs seemed a bit loose around the ankles, but that won't be a problem! 

I was so super excited to actually have a pair of pants that fit and fit well!  They are dry fit, so if we do get rained on or go through a stream crossing they will dry fast.  The legs zip off in case we have a bit warmer weather than expected!   YAY!!!  But was I going to get lucky with the next two pairs?  I waited for those packages to arrive!  I am a size 18 and purchased the size 38!  They cost me about $25.  WIN!

The second package arrived!  Would I get lucky a second time with a pair of pants that actually fit???   This package contained a pair of pants from Columbia.   They are the Columbia Women's Saturday Trail Water & Stain Repellant Stretch Pant.  (Amazon Affiliate Link)

These fit even better than the first pair!!!  They were comfortable and allowed me to move.  I bought these in a size 20 and they cost me about $30.  They are also dry fit fabric so they will dry in a jiffy.   These do not zip off.  Instead they have the buttons and straps to roll up the pants and turn them into a capri. (Which you can see just a little at the bottom of the picture!)   I was so happy!  Two pairs of pants!  I was on a roll......but, there was one more pair to check out!

The third pair arrived.   I opened the package and I was in love with these right out of the box.  They were the same brand name as the first pair...Toomet and the same size.  BUT these were a different model. These were the Toomett Hiking Pants Women Convertible Outdoor Lightweight Quick Drying Travel Trail Durable Stretch Pants (Amazon Affiliate Link). I was worried about these because that first pair was the same company and while they fit, it wasn't the 'perfect' fit! But I tried them on!

These fit perfectly!  These fit amazingly well!  They allowed me to move, but they weren't baggy.  The bottoms of the legs were not baggy an saggy.  These were awesome!  I paid a bit more for these.  I paid almost $40 for this pair.  The legs also zip off allowing a little more 'cool' on a hot day.  They are also dry fit and they have all these pockets that zip up!  I am in love with these pants!!!  

All three pants fit!!  How awesome is that!   I am so stoked and excited to use my pants during hiking expeditions while we are on our vacation and even when we got home and hike during the fall and winter!  I am ready!!!!    

For a video of the pants and better view of the pants at all angles....please watch my YouTube video.