Thursday, March 03, 2016

Weekly weigh in

Wow....Lets just say that this week has been NUTS.

Wednesday I made it to work.....but I have to be honest and say that I probably SHOULD have stayed home.  It was a ROUGH day to get through.  My head was HEAVY and in fairness, thank heavens it was a SLOW day because I rested my head quite a bit. 

I DID weigh myself though in the morning.   Are you ready?     I weighed in yesterday at 225.8.   That is a 6 pound loss!   Go me!

I'm cautious about celebrating.  I have been sick.  Not puking sick though...and I have eaten.  With the exception of one day (Tuesday) I have actually eaten right at my caloric goals.  I've been spot on...accidentally it almost seems.  I ate what I wanted... and put my food into my tracker each evening and surprisingly, my food intake has remained right at my goal.  GO ME!!!

So 6 pounds lost!   Thank you Jason....hiking 3-4 miles up a mountain and then 3-4 miles back down a mountain apparently did the trick.  And the difference this week?  I didn't come home and screw it all up by eating like a starving pig!

Jason has told me that if we can hike religiously on the weekends that the weight will drop.   I think he is right! 

Meanwhile....I have less than one month before the Cooper River Bridge Run.  That is a 10K on April 2.   I had been starting to run again.  But then missed last week due to those massive blisters.   This week I can barely walk, let alone run.   I'm starting to get nervous!!!!

Oh heavens....if I can hike AND run 2-3 times a week imagine how healthy I will be!!!!!

We talked quite a long time this past weekend about hiking and fitness and eating healthy.   We are both in our forties. He talks about being out of shape.  I'm DEFINITELY out of shape and need some fine tuning (aka to lose weight).    The best motivator?  Our age.   I don't want to be bedridden at age 60 or 70  or even 80.  I want to be the 70 year old that is running marathons, teaching zumba classes (like the amazing zumba instructor Anita that I have talked about so many times), competing in triathlons and thru hiking the Appalachian trail.  Not that I WILL do any of those things.  But I want to have the OPTION to do them.  I want to be fit enough to enjoy my life to the bitter end.    Jason talks about running into a trail runner a while back on a hike.  He stopped to chat with this man....who was 70 years old and running a mountain trail....UPHILL.    Jason said "I hope I'm like you when I'm your age'  and the guys comment was 'Start now and you will be"    

Now is the time!   

(And just for the record...the scales dropped again this morning!!!)