Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Kitchen Tales

Well weight is back to the 238 boomerang weight.   I can say that I know I didn't drink enough in the last few days. In fact I woke up thirsty today which is not a good sign for my weight.   But even beyond that, I ate horribly this past weekend.   I have pulled it together a wee bit during the work week thus far, but apparently not enough!   I did it to myself!!!

We were walking on Sunday and I was pondering my weight and everything pertaining to it.   Yeah I seem to have great clarity when I'm running, hiking, and/or walking!!!  Maybe it's part of being in nature too!!!  We were seeing some pretty things!!
 Anyway, I thought back to a comment that was made about me a few weeks back on the 3purplethings blog.   She had the most kind words to say about my blog and I'm very touched by what she said.  If you want the full account of what she said it's out there on her blog but for this post I'm going to focus on just a few words that have been resonating in my mind since I read what she wrote.   Those words?  'She is crazy active'.   Me?   Really???  Crazy active????   No....she must need to take a nap or something because she was certainly delusional when she wrote that.  Right???   But this weekend while walking in the canal with Jason I realized that yes....she was right.  In the grand scheme of things I would be considered crazy active.  Wow....I guess I was the one that was delusional!   

You see, it's not easy to see myself as crazy active when I weigh 238 pounds!  But I am quite active.  I've made the comment that I'm the fittest fat person out there!   So if I'm so active why is my weight not dropping.   Seriously, I should be a twig right?   Well ...

Yes my diet is the problem.   Weight is lost in the kitchen, not the gym.    The gym may give some wiggle room with eating....and I think the gym plays a major role in maintaining the weight loss. But weight loss happens with solid healthy food choices!!!!

And what do you know?  Food choices seem to be my downfall.   It might be tator tots, red velvet whopper pies, Reece's cups, macaroni and cheese, or even just bread and butter.   But something always comes up to derail me.  That is a problem...a huge problem.   Even though I haven't wanted to face it!!! Head in the sand has been my method!!

So while I don't plan on changing my activity levels....I know that I have to make some kind of changes in my eating!!!

I have made some changes this week....lots more fruits and veggies.  I still need to make some changes and I need to keep the changes consistent.  But I can do this!!!!!