Thursday, March 27, 2008

My sexy honey. He is also losing weight and while he has grumbled because his progress sometimes seems slow, I can see a huge diffference in his body....not to mention his clothing sizes have dropped drastically. (5 pants sizes smaller....go Todd!) Oh yeah, and look at his shirt....That is a mans tee shirt that I used to wear.....tightly might I it's even loose on Todd!
A glimpse of me on top of Maryland Heights. There is a glimpse of the view. Doesn't seem that far up....well the bridge that you see behind me is actually a railroad bridge with 2 tracks! AND NO, I didn't get a picture and copy and paste my body onto the picture...I HIKED up there! It was a warm day.....but up at the overlook it was quite windy! I quickly put my sweatshirt on! (which is why I am holding it...I was getting ready to put it on!)

Ahhh don't you love those pictures when you hold the camer out and take a snap of yourself! This one wasn't too bad. It is interesting because you can see how our faces are thinning out!

A view of my beloved canal! If youwant to know how high I car is parked down on level with the canal (which is wide enough for a vehicle)
Today I'm going to go backwards and talk about my day yesterday before I talk about my weight issues!
Well, last night I was too keyed up and I wanted to get my thoughts down on ‘paper’ about this gene/hormone thing…and I just typed and typed and typed and I decided to write my days activities today instead.

Tuesday night…..what’s up with Tuesday nights and sleeping????? It was the second Tuesday night in a row that I’ve had major issues sleeping! I went to bed at someone around 11:30 to midnight. I fell asleep just fine and slept just fine until exactly 1:45 (I looked at the clock) when I was rudely awoken by Jodi as she struggled to cough up a hair ball. Nope..she never did..poor kitty (yeah to me to not have to clean it up though). I flipped on the light quickly to find out where she was though because a few weeks ago I woke up to that sound and she was on my pillow…OVER MY HEAD…yes, she got booted from bed pretty quickly that night! Well, the cat regurgitation sounds just must have been enough to totally wake me up. I laid in bed……and laid in bed…and laid in bed. Finally at a little before 3AM I got up and went to the living room. I saw the tail end of Andrew Zimern (or whatever his name is..the guy that does the travel and foods thing…great show) doing Minnesota. Then I flipped to the discovery health and watched some Trauma ER stuff…blood and guts stuff. My they show much more graphic stuff at 3 in the morning. Like I totally got to see them pin a broken arm…I literally saw the jagged bones as they had their hands holding them together INSIDE this kids arms. Pretty cool stuff. But anyway, I digress…..At 4 I turned out the light and turned off the tv…I was getting sleepy! I fell asleep pretty easily and slept about 6 AM when I awoke to the sound of splintering glass. I immediately knew what it was. When I had got up in the middle of the night, I had got a glass of water and had it on the bar between the living room and kitchen. Yep…sure enough when I flipped on the lights there on the bar sat not the glass…but Ethel…all innocent. Sooooo I cleaned up the kitchen floor…..I gave the cats new food and water (can’t risk that a shard of glass got into the dishes!). I’m wide awake at at that point and don’t even try to go back to sleep. I watched some “Birth Day” episodes on tv…and play on the computer until I call mom and Todd wakes up.

IN the morning we go to Hagerstown to Lowes and Target. At Target I get a new watch. My old one broke so I’ve been wearing my heart rate monitor…which is a watch and has the time..but is huge, bulky and if I wear it any great length of time (as in over 24 hours) drives me nuts! Then on to Lowes. Today we invested in a small prefab garden shed. We were going to build our own…but decided that we still have so much work around here that needs to get done before we will consider this place totally up to our standards that adding the construction of a shed was just too much. However, we needed something desparately for garden tools…and Todd needed something for his tools. So, we got two sheds. Both the same. 10 by 12 feet. We also invested in a RED riding lawn mower! I love red! J Ok…so I didn’t pick it because it was red. We actually like Troybilt stuff. I had told Todd that I was happy with the one..but he talked me into upgrading to the one above it. For 200 dollars we got 2 more horsepower and 4 more inches on the cutting deck. We are also the proud owners of a wood chipper….that will come in handy while cutting down the brush and trees that have grown. And I’m not talking just a small amount of stuff…..maybe an acre or two.

We rushed home and had a quick lunch and then off we went. We drove down to the Maryland side of the river at Harpers Ferry and parked the car. And up we went. We hiked up Maryland Heights…to the overlook. That is a round trip of about 4.5 miles….with much strenuous uphill climbing….about 1500 feet up. GREAT exercise. The view at the top though. Breathtaking! What a gorgeous view of Harpers Ferry and the surrounding area. I loved the view of my beloved canal stretching out far beneath me! The weather was spectacular! I thought the trip down would be easier…and it wasn’t as intense cardio wise…but muscular wise it was worse. We had to keep the muscles in our legs engaged and leaning back almost constantly….great workout! Here’s a blurb about Maryland Heights from an NPS website….”MARYLAND HEIGHTS, which towers 1,448 feet above the rivers, is the area's most strenuous – and rewarding – hike. In addition to furnishing breathtaking views of Harpers Ferry and the Potomac River, the mountain hides the ruins of many Civil War fortifications. Infantry trenches, artillery redoubts, ammunition pits, and military camps once extended across the heights”

We took a drive and then ended up in Charlestown at the Mountain View Diner. I was doomed when I walked in….they had Salisbury steak as a special…..and I love their Salisbury steak! The problem……it’s HUGE!

We came home and I did some light straightening up around the house. But mostly I just relaxed!

Today I woke up and fully cleaned the house. The toilets are glistening…the tub shines. The floors are spotless. The only thing that is not done is the bed is not remade. I’m washing the sheets….I’ll just put the sheets that I’m washing back on the bed. But other than that…the house is spotless! Woo hooo!

I need to still do my exercise for today. I’m not sure what I’m going to do…but most likely it will be something when I get off of work. I may do a video! J

Woo hoooo…update…the laundry is all folded..the bed is made…All is TOTALLY done!

Since I did it backwards today….lets move onto the main purpose in me keeping this blog. I’m still blown away with the thought of this gene/hormone thing. I feel more at peace with my journey and where I’m at than I have in a long time. I think it brought me a sense of peace. I guess in one way I felt like a failure because I haven’t been able to figure out when my body is telling me I’m full…..well if my body doesn’t do that, I was trying in vain for years! I’m not a failure. In fact, I’m an even bigger success because I’ve lost weight through sheer willpower, without any indicators from within my body to help guide me along. So it is with much peace that I learned about this thing that MAY be something that is hindering me. This discovery has apparently been relatively recent….and they are still working on testing and truly discovering it in humans. But it’s one of those things that I know without a shadow of a doubt that is me. No…it doesn’t fix my problems with my weight. It doesn’t give me a formula to even know HOW to fix my weight issues. But it gives me peace. Maybe that’s what’s been missing!

Lunch is over…we had our bigger meal (our together meal) today at lunch as Todd works all night. So I’ll have my lighter meal when I get off work. That will work for me. 8 points for dinner. I can do that! Especially since I’ve got leftover green beans AND leftover sauerkraut in the fridge. Two zero points foods! YIPPEE!!