Saturday, September 02, 2006

Still Sore!

Man, in that last post, I didn't even know what sore meant! The other night I got home and Todd and seen that we had a chef boy ar dee pizza kit in the pantry. Ooops. You know it. I switched from beef stroganoff to pizza. Not bad you may say, except that I had calculated all my points around the beef stroganoff. I luckily had kept a few spare points for a 'treat' before I went to bed. But, I still went over with the pizza. I didn't eat a half of pizza. I ate three slices. I should have kept it at two. That is my goal for next time I guess. LOL SOOOO after dinner I popped open my new exercise DVD and went to town. I was sore while doing it....but I made it through the low and high intensity work outs and the toning segment. So yesterday I get home and Todd was tired and didn't want to go to the gym. So in went the dvd. I did it all again. I could feel my muscles...eii yii yii. This morning, man do I feel it. The hot shower helped quite a bit..but I am still sore.

It's raining today....hurricane Ernesto is making its mark on us. (it rained yesterday also). Because of this, work should be pretty slow....I mean the battlefield is not going to get many tourists in this weather....and that directly reflects on our business.

Todd is talking about goign to the gym tonight also. Although, he is running errends today and took his gym bag today (he said he needs to catch up with me, since I'm working out so So I'm not sure we will really make it tonight. I do definitely want to make it to the gym tomorrow though!