Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Surely I can do this: weight loss at its....worst

I keep telling myself that I have this! I keep saying that this is my year.  I keep starting afresh!

Yet I keep failing!

How many failures does it take to get to victory?

Surely I can pull this together and lose weight!   

The only good thing?  I remain highly motivated to be healthy.   The disconnect is NOT with my motivation to do it.  The disconnect happens when it comes to actually carrying through with my plans!

I guess you could say that I am just kinda depressed about the whole process right now.  I’m down about my lack of ‘stick to it’ when it comes to reigning in my food.   I am utterly despondent about the aches and pains in my legs.  Seriously, a mile walk shouldn’t hurt!  And let’s not even start talking about the flair up of arthritis!  I am just disgusted with myself and where I have let myself get to!  I swore I would never get back here...yet here I sit!

I am walking daily.  (Gotta start somewhere and with my knee/arthritis I have to be careful).  I HAVE reigned in my eating...I’m at the top end of the range that I want to be within...but that is only 1450 calories so still pretty good.  So I’m not totally messed up.  Just messed up enough to NOT be losing!  This just blows!!

As a side note.  This past weekend I saw these little gems at the store!

Why yes...that is a THIN version of a Reece’s Cup.  They are individually packaged and thinner than the normal one!   And they are 57 calories versus the 110 calories for ONE of the normal cups. (Or 220 calories for one package of the normal sized cups).  For me...I can’t just eat half the package so when I eat a Reece’s cup I eat the whole package at 220 calories.   So this thin version is a great boon for me.  I can typically have room for a 57 calorie  treat...220 kinda not!   And yes I usually CAN stop at one package! Furthermore  I bought a bag of them at the store on Saturday and I have only eaten one!  So this is a good product for me!!!