Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Changing my weigh in day and the Results

We had a great weekend!   We went hiking and we expired an abandoned military base.  We enjoyed the weather greatly...more on that in a later post though.  Because I have to share my weigh in results!!!

So last week I made a decision to change my weigh in day!  My plan was to stop weigh in in on Friday.   You see, when I would weigh in on Friday I would kind of (or really I did) give myself a pass to have a cheat day on Friday.  Then the cheat day turned into Friday and Saturday.  And once I had gone as far as two cheat day...well Sunday was the weekend also!  Might as well make it a trifecta!

This was bad!  Each week I was gaining over the weekend and then trying, often in vain to recover during the week.  Some weeks I was lucky and recovered but more often then not I was gaining...just a half pound here and a half pound there...but i was never losing!  So I had to change my weigh in day to keep myself accountable over the weekend!   

Monday was my first weigh in on a Monday!

All week long I had been doing my yoga.  I had ridden the exercise bike on my lunch breaks.  We had walked after work.  There was hiking and long walking.  I hadn’t been a total slug!  

I kept my food in line all through the weekend.  I did splurge on a dessert on Friday...but it was accounted for and planned for!  All was well.   I admit though, I was worried!  I wanted a loss so bad!

So I stepped onto the scales and I was almost afraid to look down at the numbers.  But...of course I did!!!!

I lost 1.2 pounds.   Thank heavens!  A loss!!!  I was so relieved to see a loss!   Sure I wanted a big loss but that wasn’t in the cards for me.   And honestly, 1.2 pounds is nice and respectable!   No complaints!!!

I’m staying strong and I’m not letting, walking, excessive bike, calories in check....I’ve got this and I’ve got my eyes on another loss next week!!!