Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thank you ICE!!!!!

OK, let me tell you, ice is pretty darn heavy to move! We got hit with the storm that ripped through a good part of the northeastern US. We were in the part that started with snow...and then after about 12 hours or so of snow...changed into an ice storm. I would have quite honestly preferred the snow for the whole time. My husband was sick with the I was stuck with all the clean up work by myself. It iced/sleeted/whatever for about 12 more hours after the snow. Joy joy. Well, after it was all over, I headed out to shovel. First of all, the ice had come down and effectively barred me from opening the screen door. (design flaw, let me tell you). I had to crawl out a window (it was either that or jump off the roof of the porch). I got out and commenced with the wonderful work of shovelling. 3-4 hours later, I was exhausted. I gave up and went back inside. (my cars were still not shovelled out at this point). I made plans to wake up early and go out and work in the morning.... Well, I did wake up early (for me...) and went out. Too late, the ice was even more solid!!! It was atrocious. I went back inside and waited for the lane to be plowed out...and then went back out and spent 2 more hours finishing up around the cars! I'm sooooo darn sore!!!

Well, the good news.....this morning I weighed myself (hey, I do it everyday) and I was down a good bit! (I didn't eat a ton yesterday and worked my ass off...). My loss puts me less than 2 pounds from onederland! I want it soooooooo bad! I weigh in at weight watchers on Tuesday if I can hold onto that loss...and maybe add a little more I may be able to squeek it out.....or at least be soooo close! SOooo thank you ice! Oh yeah, when I came in defeated this morning...I had worked myself up to shovelling in the am and getting a good I did a 35 minutes exercise dvd...and still went out later and did the 2 hours of shovelling. I know that it would have to be a HUGE weight loss to do it...but I want to give it my best shot!

Bad thing though...with Todd being sick, my meal plan has gone out the it's requiring me to think a whole lot more about what I'm eating. I plan our meals a week in advance...and then I'm able to know my points that I'll need for dinner for each helps.....but eii yiii yiii! OH well, I'll suceed anyway!

You know...yesterday I didn't drink my water...or all that I should fact, my hands were swollen this morning (my rings were all too I bought a cheap wedding band to wear...but it fits in when I retain water, the ring doesn't fit.....i'm not wearing the ring right now). And I still posted a big loss.....hmmmm NOPE NOPE NOPE....I'm not going to get my hopes up!!!! I'm just going to do the best that I possibly can!!!