Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Bread oh yummy bread!  Why do you have such a delicious hold upon me.   Your crusty edges and soft insides make my heart melt with a taste bud orgasm!  Add a little butter on your warm fluffiness and it’s absolute rapture!.  Pasta…ohhh yummy pasta!!!!   Corkscrews, spaghetti, ziti and penne.  So delicious!

Yes, I am a carb-o-holic!  I love bread, I love pasta.  I love dough.  I love it!  Man CAN live on bread alone.  I know this in my heart to be true. Ha ha ha However, I also know that man (or woman in this case) needs to have the nutrients of other foods, but it is an enticing thought! 

So after those two paragraphs I think it’s fairly obvious that I like bread and would be happy with having a serving of bread or pasta with each meal….or maybe more than one serving, if I want to be honest…because we all know that bread is a wonderful accompaniment to a pasta dish.  I can work a my breads (carbohydrates) into my eating budget.  It’s completely doable to still get my nutrients and still eat my much loved bread and pasta. I’ve done it.  I’ve been healthy while I’ve done it.  However, it’s just not possible for me to lose weight while I’m eating so many carbohydrates, isn’t that sad?  Lets have a moment of silence to mourn this fact………..  

So this week the breads and pastas have crept into my diet. I’ve managed to hold onto my weight…or not....but I’m definitely not dropping.  I know what that means.  And it makes me sad.   Limiting my carbs

That said……being fat makes me sadder.   Being obese makes me downright depressed.  I’ll give up a serving or two of bread or pasta for the time being.  I know that when I’m maintaining I can have more carbs (as long as I am, still getting my base nutrients) and be ok.  But for right now……well I will enjoy the bread and the pasta oh so much more when I do indulge!  (And at least I will still have that one carbolicious meal!) 

On a different note….a few months back I opened myself up to have an article written about me in the local paper.  It took a leap…because I let it all hang out.  I was brutally honest with where I was…where I’ve been….my weight.  EVERYTHING.  I heard some positive responses but then it died down.   Mondy night Zumba started for the year the classes were packed.  I went to the second class and some gals that had helped and were there greeting people came up to me and said, “Thank you for being open in that article.  There were at least 8 new people that tried zumba that  that when we asked them about how they came to try it, they quoted you and your article. “   I guess I should feel honored that sharing my struggles had that impact.