Wednesday, September 03, 2014

A little bit of this and a little bit of that

Today I actually felt really good about myself.  I noticed that I walked with more confidence and a larger smile and I just felt ready to tackle the world.  Hmmmmm  Could it be the 4 runs that I've had the last couple days somehow affecting my brain?   Interesting.

Meanwhile, I think I have learned a valuable lesson.  I've long known that eating a bowl of cereal usually doesn't tie me over to lunchtime. I'm hungry well before lunch.  I ate a bowl of cereal for breakfast...a late breakfast at that. (9AM..after I ran).  By 11 AM I was practically drooling at the thought of food.  I actually made it until about 1 before I caved and had lunch.  I ate my lunch and the ravenous hunger went away but I never felt satisfied.  I made it home to dinner and I just about gnawed the kitchen apart to get to food.  I ate and waited.  I was still hungry so I ate some more.  And waited.  Seriously????  I was still hungry.  What is wrong with me?????   I ate over my calorie goal by probably 400-500 calories.  Much more food than I'm sure I  needed.  So my question is this.  Once that 'I'm so hungry feeling' comes will it pervade my thinking until I stuff myself almost to the brink (or in many cases over the brink) of being over-full?   Food for thought.

This little impromptu eating pondering brings my thoughts to another aspect.  Tracking.  I didn't track a bit this weekend.  Yet I lost.  I started tracking yesterday....and today...and I'm already obsessive about my calories.  Hmmmmmm....I've been doing this a fair amount of time....maybe I do know how to properly eat for my body.  But then again....I've been stuck in the same weight vortex for how long?  Yeah, maybe I better keep tracking.

My running is still happening.  Today was a cross train day.  Zumba was cancelled and I just felt like I went running this morning.  2.2 miles.  It was a much easier run this morning than it was last night (and 1 minute faster per a mile).   I will be running my scheduled training run tomorrow least 2.5 miles.    And Friday is a blessed rest day!  :-)  

The running schedule and my excitement over it brought the thought into my head.  I work well with a deadline looming.  I knew about this 10k AGES ago....I could have started training for it eons back.  I didn't...then I was ready to quit.....circumstances brought it to the forefront and here I am busting my butt to achieve it.  I thrive with a challenge and a that I can't back out of!!!!!!  Hmmmm   Well, maybe not thrive.  Ask me on October 6th if I thrived!  (thriving is finishing the race AND having lost the 10 pounds that I vowed to lose)

And as for the weight......dangit, I wrote last night about the 3 pound loss.....this morning I was up two pounds.  ha ha ha.  I was dying of thirst when I woke up though so hopefully the 120 plus ounces of water I drank today washed the water retention out of me!