Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fake it until you make it

I have a deep confession to make.  I am a no thrills girl.  Yes, I know....deep and emotional confession isn't it.  I won't lie, I like to be wearing jeans a tee shirt and a big over sized hooded sweatshirt.  That is comfort clothes.  I will also admit that I stretch the dress code as far as humanly possible at work...dressing down just to the edge of where it would be considered too casual.  I like's me.  Or so I thought.

Today I was having some 'down' feelings and I just decided to dress the part.  The part of what?   Well, I don't know what the part of it was.  I wore the boots that I  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  I knew I wanted to wear them.  They are black pants.  I was scanning the closet for a shirt and voila how awesome would a leopard print look with the pants?   Pretty damn awesome!   I added a black dress jacket and I was feeling good.  I felt so good that in the wild last minute rush to get ready for work (yes, I was running late) I actually took the time to dry my hair!   (unheard of for me!)   I was feeling awesome!  I was feeling on top of the world. I was feeling incredible and all those negative thoughts in my head?  It was a little bit easier to ignore them!

So often I dress so casual and 'blah' because sexy, fun, pretty, fancy....all of the above clothes are difficult to find as a fat person.  It's easier to wear the baggy clothes.  It's more comfortable to wear the casual clothes.  It's better right?   NO NO NO.  I figured out today that how we are dressed really does have a bearing on how we feel about ourselves. 

So my challenge to myself?   At least once a week I am going to plan on taking the time to actually really take the time with how I dress and how I look.  Why not more?  ha ha ha....well lets be honest, when it's 9:15 and I have to leave for work at 9:35 and I haven't taken a shower  yet, well my hair will be washed, clipped up soaking wet and I'll be skirting the edge of proper dress is what it is.  

Why was I running late this morning and in a wild rush to get ready to go to work?  Paula and I hooked up to run.  It wasn't the greatest run.  I struggled with it.  Maybe it was the lack of music (making a note to self to remember to hook up some tunes the next time we run together).  Paula did better with the running but was having some stomach issue, she thinks a side affect of some meds she's been on.  Oh well....we were out there and doing it!!!!
Smiling and happy!