Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Last night at my weight watcher meeting they shared a story that really struck a chord with me. The story goes:
A person drove through toll booths in and around San Francisco all the time and never paid attention the the person in the booth. She had contact with the attendents more than once a day...but never anything more than the absolute minimum necessary to conduct the business. Until one day when she pulled up to the booth. There was music coming from the booth and the attendent was dancing. She started to ask the attendent about the dancing but a car behind her started to beep its horn so she pulled out. She made a vow to find that attendent again and find out what was different. It took her months, but she finally pulled up to a booth and heard the music and sure enough the attendent was dancing away. She asked the person what was happening and the attendent answered by saying, "look at my co-workers, they are all in glass coffins" The lady looked down the line of toll booths and the people inside them silently taking money without even a smile on their face. The attendent continued. They come to work alive...get in their coffin and spend 8 hours dead and then it's like Lazarus back to life when they leave their coffin. The attendent went on to say, "me, I want to be a dancer and the state is paying me to practice. they have given me a great window office that overlooks the water, and the bay bridge and the city. What is not to like about this job." This just really made me is really what I make of it.

Sooooo my weigh in.....1.6 down!