Monday, October 05, 2015


Cakes and cookies and Pies, Oh My!   Ok ok ok, I haven't had pie...probably only because I'm not a big pan of pies.  Oh, who am I kidding, I haven't had pies because there haven't been any readily available.    

So those first few lines are rather telling.  I fessed up and said I hadn't had pie....which means that I did have cake and cookies.  Yup.  I can't lie.  And if you combine that with my most recent blog know, the one where I said that I was going to get serious again (I believe I said right after I wipe the grease from my Burger King breakfast from my lips) about weight loss; well then you know that it didn't exactly happen.  Well, I did wipe the grease from my lips, I just didn't get back on track.  Oops

I knew the 'restart was looming'.  I knew it all weekend.  Yesterday I just ate with abandon, telling myself the whole time.  "This is the last hurrah'.    What a pitiful attitude.  It was so pitiful that I had cheese and crackers for lunch (a lot of cheese...and a fair amount of crackers), some bread and butter and jelly, some oreos, and why yes, some apple cake (which was delicious by the way).   For dinner I did Subway...I got full fatted chips Doritos actually, I was thinking the whole time, "it's my last chance before I straighten up my act, better enjoy it!"  I actually ordered the cookies to round out my meal.   Later in the evening I went ahead and had some ice cream.  Yup, I did it up good.

But I had vowed that Monday was the day.  So I got on the scales, with fear and trepidation. But I needed to know my 'starting' figure.   What's the use of trying if I don't have a benchmark to show how far I've come.  So I did it!   It wasn't as bad as I thought.  I am NOT back into that 5 pound vortex that I was stuck in for a while.  I am not even on the edge of that I am happy.  :-)  

Seriously contemplating rejoining weight watchers.  They are offering the 'lose 10 pounds in 2 months' and get your money back" deal.  Tempting.  Haven't decided yet!

Here is to plowing through this excess weight once and for all!