Sunday, July 20, 2014

Topsy Turvy

I rolled into Friday ready to work on this challenge that I have accepted.   And then things started going belly up.  The first of the two kittens passed away.  Yes, saving a kitten that young is a long shot, but it still is just heartbreaking.  Friday evening the other little kitten took a turn for the worse. We  took turns holding the kitten and miraculously she seemed to perk up a bit, however we still struggled to get her to eat.  :-(      We knew her odds of survival had gone down drastically, yet we soldiered on.
I had to work Saturday morning and I had plans to leave work to go up to town to spend the day with my family and to grab groceries and run a few errands.  I packed my bag and rushed out the door to head to work.  I jumped into my car and didn't even make it out of the driveway and I knew.  I got out of the car and walked around to the other side....and this is what I saw....not exactly healthy.  I rushed inside and had Todd drive me to work and I begged a ride home from a co-worker.  
Todd had unchangeable plans for the day so I was effectively stuck at home all Saturday afternoon and evening.  Yeah, my family would have come pick me up, but I stayed home and took over the 'save the kitten' duties from Todd to ease his day.   I fed the kitty and spent a lot of time holding the kitten.  She actually had spurts of activity but was content to lay in  my arms and sleep.  She was happy.  At about 2 days old she started this little 'purr' it was absolutely adorable.

My youngest nephew said it looked like she was a mouse...and yes, that's exactly what he (she) looked like.  This kitten fought and fought but Sunday morning she gave up the fight and passed away.  She is buried in our pet cemetery.   
Sunday was spent visiting family, fixing the tires (My back tires were on their death bed I went ahead and just got new tires) and getting groceries.

I was talking with my sister in law this morning and she mentioned how she is trying to cut down on diet soda.  I whole heartedly agreed.  I don't buy it for the house, but it definitely creeps back into my life so easily. I thought that it was a good idea and I was going to copy her lead even as I sat there and sucked down the diet pepsi that was in my to-go cup from breakfast (did I mention that the to-go cup was my refill and it was the largest size the place offered??)   I finished it off and we headed to lunch.  My newly minted plan was strong in my mind.  So what did I do for lunch?  Why I ordered a large fountain drink....I drank it....and I got a refill for the road.  Oh yes.  But sometimes divine intervention occurs.  It has happened numerous times before. The great pizza topple is the one that sticks in my mind the most.  Well divine intervention happened again.  How???

Yes, my drink toppled out of the cup holder.  All over the floorboard.  Oh well...and yes, in our travels when I picked up my next drink, it was water!!!!

I have my healthy lunches lined up for my work week and I've got lots of fruit prepped for the week ahead!  Bring it on!!!