Monday, April 11, 2016

Do I smell Spring???

Well another weekend is in the books and it's back to work for me!!!   

I am still really working to get my food consumption under control.   I have not been eating exactly on target.   It got better after my vow to clean it up after my South Carolina trip....but I still need to clean it up!!!

'Calorie in' looks like this...

Net, including activity (which has also been sorely lacking...other than a nice long hike on Wednesday its been lame at best!). 

Ok with the earned it doesn't look quite as bad!!!  But I know it hasn't been fabulous and I knew where I need to clean it up!!!

Exercise....I need to get back to running....ASAP!   At least I am walking and hiking at least once or twice a week!!!! (Sometimes more!)

It was not a good weekend for was cold and windy!   Ok that's an excuse but we are out there for enjoyment and being cold and uncomfortable is NOT enjoyable!  We did manage to walk a little bit on Sunday...outside even as we did the explored the Cedar Creek Battlefield and the Belle Grove Plantation...
And grounds (including the space grave yard)
And of course some signs of spring....

We also saw some old graveyards on back roads were wee driving and explored....

Someone was very proud of  in the confederacy....big in history with placing the metal/iron market years ago....but with the 'more recent placement of the small flags on many graves of soldiers in that area (two different graveyards).   And's part of doesn't offend me at all!  What does offend me is that the flag that we know generally call the Confederate flag is actually not the Confederate States of America flag....I believe it is actually a naval flag of the CSA....hmmmmm
There were quite a few confederate soldiers at this one graveyard....this last stone actually said 'fell at Manassas' 

And of course we stopped at an overlook!

A panorama shot does not do this view justice!!!!!!

It was a good we are looking forward to the next one!  And the best news about the upcoming weekend????  I can smell spring weather!!!  Ok maybe not smell it, but I see that next weekend's forecast is looking spectacular! It is forecasted to be in the upper  60's and lower 70's...perfect for hiking!   We have already tentatively made plans to spend the weekend down in Front Royal.   There are tons of local, regional and state parks and trails and of course Front Royal is the northern most entrance to the Skyline drive....which is in the Shenandoah National Park...and that gives us tons more hiking trails!!!  Yay!!!!   Sniff sniff sniff....I can definitely smell spring now!!!!