Monday, November 23, 2020

Weight Loss Questions

 Last week I was tagged on youtube to answer some questions about my weight loss journey!  I had a blast with it and decided to share the questions here.  So I tag everyone that is reading this to turn around and answer the same questions on your posts!!!  I want to hear your answers!  Let me know in the comments if you do so I can go check out your answers!!!!

1. What is the reason for your weight loss? I started to lose weight way back when and my deep dark reason was to make my then husband love me in the way that I needed to be loved.  It didn't work.  I lost the weight and my marriage was just as crappy as it was before I lost the weight.  I also started to regain, mainly because I had lost it for the wrong reasons.    This time around I am working to lose this for me! I am wanting to lose weight for MY health....for MY future!  I want to by 80 and still hiking and riding a bike!

2. What pitfalls have you come across that have made your weight loss unsuccessful?  The biggest pitfall for me is that I slip up and then feel so mad and depressed that I turn to food for comfort.  That only compounds my issues which in turn makes me eat more!  The biggest pitfall for me is that vicious cycle and stopping that cycle!

3. What are your favorite meal ideas for weight loss? I don't have any favorite meals for weight loss.  I have in the past made only weight loss meals.  But this time around I am cooking normally.  I just try to use lean meats, lots of vegetables, lots of fruits and healthy grains!!!   My biggest thing is portion control.  Eat normally (even at a restaurant) But control my portions!

4. What are your favorite exercises?  I don't like exercise!  Plan and simple!  I don't like it!  BUt that said, I do enjoy biking and hiking.  I enjoy them best when we are out exploring something new and unique.  The hike at Fort Ritchie were we were exploring inside of old buildings was amazing...I forgot I was walking and climbing and whatnot!.  Likewise with the hike at the Browns Farm....I was so busy looking and learning that I forgot I was exercising!  So in essence, my favorite exercise is the exercise where I forget that I am exercising!!!!!

5. How do you stay motivated?  I stay motivated by remembering why I am doing this!   I can feel the aches and pains from my obesity and they actually spur me to lose the weight!  I don't want to be 80 and not able to walk!  I want to be hiking and enjoying life when I am 80!  To do that,  I need to turn this ship those aches and pains keep me motivated!

6. How do you celebrate your success?  I have celebrated in a lot of different ways over the year.  It depends on the time and place and where I am in life.  Money was super tight at one point so celebrating was difficult.  The biggest thing that I did was to learn to celebrate with something NON food related!  That was the hardest lesson.  I would think reward and immediately my mind went to food.  I refuse to reward myself with food.  That is just feeding the issue that brought me to this point!   I am toying with doing the charm bracelet again!  That is where I bought a pandora charm bracelet and bought a new charm every 10 pounds that I lost.  I would buy a charm that signified a milestone or event during that 10 pounds.  IT was a great tangible way to remind myself of my journey.

7. Have you got an overall goal?  I would love to get back to 180.  That was my doctor recommended weight.  That is where I was maintaining at my lowest!  Whenever I dipped below that people commented about how sick I looked.  SO my goal is 180.  From there, we will see how I I look....what the doctor says!

8. Do you follow any weight loss accounts on social media, if so which ones?  I am skipping this one!  I read ya'lls blogs.  I follow some on FB....I follow people on Youtube.  way too many too count and name!

9.  Where do you buy your workout clothes?  Where ever I can find ones that fit and that I like....oh and a good price too!  I've bought workout clothes at Target, Penneys ,Goodwill and Amazon to name a few.  I just recently purchased three hiking pants from them!

10. What advice would you give to any weight loss newbies?  Know that you will make mistakes.  Forgive yourself for your slip ups and get right back on the wagon immediately.  If you say "next monday...or tomorrow' that day may never come!   Forgive yourself and move on!!!!!!

So there you have it!  I hope that you enjoyed my answers...and I would love to know YOUR answers!!!!!!