Sunday, January 06, 2019

Rockin’ the first week of the year!

The first week of January is just about over, and the first weekend of the year is in the books.   We have had a pretty good start...thus far!

I am doing really well with tracking my food and while my goal is NOT to worry about my calories (this month at least)...I am finding that since I am tracking I am more open and apt to keeping my calories beneath a set level.   Unofficially I am working to stay between 1200 calories and 1500 calories.  Why that range?  1200 has always been the ‘magical’ figure that is used in weight loss as the lowest to go and that would theoretically give me a two pound loss each week.   1500 calories is theoretically causing a deficit that would allow me to lose one pound a week.  That is still a nice loss.  (Yes, I unashamedly admit that I would like the faster loss...but I also know that I want this to work and be a forever deal.....1200 calories is very restrictive and will eventually cause me to stumble.  1500 calories is more doable!). So I have been staying within my range...admittedly at the higher end on many days....but I’m there!!!

We had a quiet weekend.  Saturday started with me meeting a friend for breakfast. Of course I sent Jason a selfie and some texts whilst out with her!!! (Waiting for her to arrive.)

After breakfast she and I walked through target. (I needed a new band for my Fitbit!). I saw this journal...and I was so tempted to get it....but I knew I wouldn’t use wasn’t blank was preprinted for fitness and would be redundant with me posting here!  But still I was tempted...the $17.99 price tag deterred me!

After my breakfast outing, (food tracked of course) Jason and I ran some errands and we went to a local park to allow him to fly his drone.   It was a quiet and relaxing day.

 On Saturday...more of the same.  I however started my day by sleeping on the couch for an hour or two in the morning.  We ran into a few stores (For me, dollhouse supplies to make a new crib for the nursery!) We also hit  up a local trail and hiked for a while.  It was short but hey...I’ve been sick and still not completely well!  

It was a muddy hike (the trail was a muddy mess...bad enough to sink 2-3 inches in some places and for my foot to get stuck once!).  

After our hike, we gassed up my car for the work week ahead of us and headed to the park for our drone flying time!  It was windy so the batteries ran down pretty quick!!!  Booo!  But it was still fun!

We spent the evening planning and plotting our vacation this year.   The more it’s planned and ‘definite’ the more motivated I will be to get into shape. 

The new week is upon me...and so far I am rocking this new year!   I just need to get rid of this congestion and I’ll be on fire!!!!!