Saturday, December 07, 2013

Swimming in Chocolate


225.1  Up.  My eating on Thursday was totally less than stellar.  I had my plans and they went up in flames when life threw some curveballs.  GRRRR  

I was totally determined to be good on Friday  I had great plans.  I had my breakfast...I packed my lunch....I was set!  And then they decided to order out Chinese.  Ohhhhh that sounded so god.  I initially said no. Then I thought about it and I started to waffle on my decision.  And yeah, I ordered sweet and sour chicken.   Surprisingly my calories were still in line when I put in my actual meals.  What threw me over was the darn boxes of chocolate that a customer recently brought us at work.  I nibbled......I'm not going to say how many pieces but I'll say was close to 400-500 calories in chocolate.  Uhhhh not good.

We are heading into a 'vacation period'....four days off.  It's gonna be rough.  I'm not admitting defeat...but I'm just saying it's gonna be difficult!!!!