Monday, August 30, 2021

Weigh in Report

 This weeks weigh in was not all that great.   Ok, maybe it wasn't all that horrible, but it was definitely disappointing!   All I'm going to say is that this weight loss thing is not for the faint at heart!

Weekly Weigh IN

I weighed in on Friday and I pretty much knew that it was going to be just an 'ok' weigh in. I was right.  It was a maintain. And don't get me wrong, I am tickled with a maintain.  But seriously, if I am doing the work and avoiding lots of sweets and limiting my food and whatnot, then by golly, I want to be losing weight!   

That is correct.  I didn't indulge and lose control over the week.  I didn't eat like a crazy loon.  I didn't skip my exercise and activity.  I didn't do any of that.  Instead, I continued to eat my limited caloric intake.  I continued to ride the exercise bike on a daily basis.  I walked after work.  I did everything I should have been doing!   And those pesky scales didn't move!  

The Weekend Fall Out

On Friday after my weigh in, I went to my mom's to spend the day with her.  It was a great day off of work and it is always good to spend time with mom.  BUT.....we went to  Olive Garden for Lunch. I got the soup and salad combo.  Yes, I had breadsticks and yes I had more than one bowl of soup.   I tried to counter act and negate my heavier lunch by eating mostly fruits and veggies for dinner....but on Saturday my weight went up.   All week long I saw the numbers on the scales and I just wanted to cry!  

Luckily, I never once gave up this last week.  I made my decisions and my plans and I did what I set out to do.  The scales may not show my results and I may be totally discouraged by the results but I am still here and I am still trucking along!

Friday, August 27, 2021

Reward Time

 It is time for a weight loss reward!  When I got serious about losing weight (again), I knew that I wanted to set up a reward system to reward my accomplishments.   I even know what the first reward was going to be.   I waited patiently (or not so patiently) until I had actually earned that reward.  Finally, the time has arrived, I have earned my reward

Rewarding yourself in a Weight Loss Journey

I am a firm believer in setting up a reward system during a weight loss journey.  Over the years of my journey, I have done this and it has been great for me. The first and most important reason that rewards are good for me is that it gives me a goal to work toward.  It is not contingent upon time.  It is strictly focused on my results.  It allows me to break down this seemingly huge amount of weight to lose into smaller more manageable sections.    For me, I chose to do that in 10 pound increments.  In the past, I have spent months losing 10 pounds but then the next 10 pounds seem to melt off overnight.  No matter, they all deserve a reward.   

Now with that said, I also decided to reward those extra big milestones also.  My general 10 pound rewards are smaller, but I go a bit more grandiose when I am celebrating a milestone.  What am I talking about when I say a milestone?  100 pounds lost.  50 pounds lost.  Weighing less than 300 pounds.  Weighing less than 200 pounds.  Your Goal weight.  Those big milestones in your weight loss journey.  Reward them!!!

There is another fabulous benefit for rewarding yourself for your weight loss efforts.  You will have either a tangible item or a fabulous memory that will serve as an anchor for you as you continue on your journey.  When I reached my goal weight the first time, years ago; I bought a nice camera for myself.  Every time I picked up that camera I knew that I had accomplished an amazing goal.  It reminded me of my efforts and helped constantly remind me of my habits and goals and journey.

Choosing Good rewards in a Weight Loss Journey

When I first started to lose weight I really struggled with setting up rewards.  My overweight mind constantly wanted to reward myself with a dinner out, an ice cream cone, a cake.  I really struggled with a reward system because all of my ideas were unhealthy and not encouraging a good healthy life.   I really struggled.   Eventually I settled upon a reward that I loved.    It wasn't food centered and it was something that I would have with me all the time.  Something that would constantly remind me of my journey and how far I had come.   I settled on a charm bracelet.    The idea worked out really well.  I bought a bracelet and each time I lost 10 pounds, I bought a new charm.  The charm was picked out to show something about the ten pounds.  One was a turtle because the ten pounds had taken so long to lose.  Another charm was a tennis shoe because I had started to run during that 10 pound period.  Each charm reminded me of that specific stage of the journey.   

Another important aspect is to base your planned rewards on something that is feasible for your budget.  I had grand plans for all sorts of rewards at one point in my journey.  But when I would get to that milestone, I didn't have the funds to attain the reward, so I would shelve it.  I was still losing but the reward system didn't work for me.  Plan rewards accordingly!

My newest Weight Loss Reward

The time has come.  When I started seriously losing again I was only 1.6 pounds away from the nice even number of 250. Yes, I was 251.6 pounds.  I knew I was going to be rewarding myself for every ten pounds, but I made a decision to make my first reward when I crossed below 240 pounds.  It took me about 9 weeks, but I finally reached that goal!   

My reward was picked out long before I got serious about losing weight again.  I saw this teeshirt online months ago and knew I wanted it.  But I had decided that it was going to be my first weight loss reward.  So I waited....and waited  and waited for myself to start getting serious and lose the weight!    I've been thinking about it for quite some time!  So without further it is!  A tee shirt about my Green Cheek Conure

This teeshirt is perfect for me as Kiwi has been a bit nippy toward me.  He is getting better, but this shirt TOTALLY shows how he is with me.  (Jason doesn't get bit near as much as I do!)  I've been waiting for months to get it and it arrived on Monday.  I have washed it and I am SOO excited to wear my 10 pounds lost teeshirt!

Stay tuned.....I'm determined that there will be more 10 pound rewards earned!  I've got this!!!!!!

Of course I had to include a picture of Kiwi...the bird that inspired my reward!

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Hiking in Catoctin Mountain Park

Hiking and biking outside in this weather is just miserable!   You see, I am sooooo ready for the heat of this summer to be over!   The older I get the less extreme I want the temperature to be!   I know, I complain in the summer because it’s too hot.  I complain in the winter because it’s too cold….or more correctly, I complain in the winter because of the infernal darkness!  I’m just not happy.  But this past weekend we didn’t let the heat of summer deter us from getting outside.  We decided to go hiking In the Catoctin Mountain Park. And I’m so glad that I did because I realized something very important! 

Long Break From Hiking

The weather was supposed to be a bit cooler (high 80’s as opposed to the 90’s) and we decided to go hiking!   After all, we will be going on vacation soon and whilst on vacation we will be hiking…a lot! We knew we had to get our hiking legs underneath us.   We wanted to get back out and be as ready for our vacation as possible and that means hiking as much as possible as we get closer to our trip.  This is especially important as we have been woefully lacking in hikes!

We have walked on the canal a lot…some long walks.  We have walked at the zoo.  We haven’t been just sitting on the couch. But a real hike…mountains and rocky terrain and all that turns a walk into a hike has not happened.   That fact was brought home to us when we pulled our our dirt encrusted hiking boots.  ‘Wow we were in some mud last time we went hiking’ I declared.  But neither of us could easily remember the occasion in which we ended up mud encrusted.   Shame on us!

Catoctin Mountain Park

We decided to head to Catoctin Mountain Park for our first hike after an indeterminate amount of time.  The Catoctin Mountain Park is part of the properties managed by the NPS and is chock full of beauty.  It is in the mountains so I knew to expect the hills and grades to ascend and descend but I also knew that the views would be a great reward.

We started out our hike at the Thurmond  Vista Parking lot. We chuckled as we thought about our run in with the secret service/park police during a recent visit when we were so enthralled with the wildlife that we totally forgot about our proximity to Camp David.  But this visit we clearly remembered our proximity and followed all ‘edicts’. 

The first trial we decided to traverse was the Charcoal Trail.  This is a half mile loop trail that is pretty scenery but shows how charcoal was generated.   The lessons are learned by historical markers and exhibits along the trail.   It was neat but didn’t take us long.  Soon we were back at the parking lot and ready to head to a longer trail.

We decided to hike to the Thurmond Vista.  The National Park Service had done a great job at Catoctin National Park in making it possible to hike most of the parks trails in a series of loops.  The Thurmond vista loop would be about 3 miles.  That sounded perfect for a first hike (in a long time).  Off we went.

It was about this time that it started to rain.  But no worries.  It was hot and a little rain could only be refreshing, right? 

It’s only a bit further, let’s hike further

After reaching the Thurmond Vista we came to the turn off for us to make the loop back to the parking lot.  The signage was very clear.  But it was also very clear that Wolf Rock was only 0.3 miles further.  My legs were feeling strong…we decided to check out Wolf Rock as a spur trail for our loop. 

We made it there no problem….and the signs from there indicated that Chimney rock was only 0.5 miles further!  Why yes!  Let’s!

It was so stinking hot!  The humidity was super high!  But we were both having so much fun!

It was while we were hiking back to the car that I realized….my legs were absolutely fine and in fact it had been ME that suggested adding the extra almost two miles do hike to Wolf Rock and Chimney Rock.  That is a huge turn around because in the last year or two I have dragged my feet about getting out and when I am out hiking all I can usually think about is getting the torture over with…and never would I willingly add more torture by suggesting adding more hiking onto our planned trip.  (The exception is if I am busy exploring…and buried in the excitement of that…such as our hikes on  vacation last year.)

I did hike using my trekking poles . (Amazon Link)  I know that they saved me a few times as my foot got caught on a rock causing me to stumble!  (Why do I stumble so much?). They also kept my fingers from swelling up like sausages so I was happy.   It’s all about doing what it takes to make my hiking experience favorable and fun!

We had a blast hiking in the Catoctin Mountain Park!  Sure it was hot and humid.  It even rained on us a few times.  But we were so happy to be back in the woods.  I was encouraged by the way my body handled the hike. My workouts through the past few months and my trekking poles made this hike painless and enjoyable!   We can’t wait to get out  and hike again!!!

Monday, August 23, 2021

First Friday Weigh In

Yeah yeah yeah, I know that this is posting on Monday and it is about my Friday weigh in.  But that is just how it’s going to be.  I will explain the change and everything today and I will also share my weigh in results!

No Stress Weigh In Day

I recently changed my official weigh in day back to Friday.  I had weighed in on Friday's before…but months ago, I had decided to change my weigh day to after the weekend in an effort to keep myself on the straight and narrow over the weekend.  Yes, my weekends are always the tough time for me!  In theory it would work!  I mean, it worked when I was on weight watchers and weighed in on Tuesday (which due to my whacky schedule was the first day of my work week).  But this time around it was working but only to an extent.  It was also filling me with anxiety and stress.  I do indulge a bit on the weekends (the typical rule is ONE sweet treat for the week and I indulge on a weekend). Plus, we eat out on the weekends….yup the kitchen is closed on the weekends!     So the stress came naturally.  Each time I ate my sweet treat I panicked about what it would do to my weight.  If I ate something that was a night higher carbs I stressed.  Out and about and drinking a bit less water on a weekend day….stressed and anxious about what that would mean for my weigh in.  

That is not living!  I want to be thin and healthy, there is no doubt about that. But I also want to live a happy life. If I’m stressed and anxious about every bite I eat, then that is not living!  There has to be a happy medium.  So back to Friday Weigh days.   I can have my tiny indulgence and I can eat at a restaurant where I may not have as much control.  If I slack a bit on water, It’s ok, as long as I pick the reigns back up on Monday.   There isn’t a ‘day of reckoning’ immediately following my rough days!  That said, I don’t want to play catch up all week long and have to lose what I gained over the weekend.  So I’m not allowing my weekends to be a free for all.  (Jason’s  birthday weekend was an anomaly and something special…so we won’t count that!)  

Stress free Posting

Changing my weigh in day back to Friday but continuing to post the results on Monday also helps me in actually being able to post and think about what I am saying and doing.  Work had been crazy recently.  It was difficult for me to actually weigh in on Monday morning and find time to post about it that same day.   Thus,  some of my delayed posts and missed posts over the last few months. With Friday weigh days, I have the time over the weekend to actually formulate my thoughts and post!  That is a plus also!!!  (Thanks for putting up with me during my less than stellar posting habits of late!)

Weigh In Time

So the moment we have all he waiting for.  How did I do on the scales?

I lost 3.0 pounds this week!  I am over the top happy!  That is a blessing that I was NOT expecting!

I am moving in the right direction!   I am still a bit behind in my quest to get to the weight that I was when I met Jason by our vacation, but not by much.  It is still attainable. The average I would need to lose each week would be 2.3 pounds.   Tough…but totally doable.  I’m still aiming for it (even though over two poutines a week is not sustainable…I do have a fair amount of weight to lose so it is possible).   But even though I am aiming for it, I am NOT going to be upset if I don’t make it.  Not at all.  If I get close….that’s a win.   The fact that since I started my 12 Week Challenge I have lost about 13 pounds is a win!  If I am losing (or have lost) then it is a win!

I am over the top happy with my progress and I can’t wait to see where this new improved weight loss journey takes me!  I am in the process of obtaining my next reward.  I am rewarding myself every 10 pounds loss…and this three pounds took me over that 10 mark and into a new weight decade.  I am also in the home stretch to get my 2021 miles in the year 2021 completed.  So stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 17, 2021

A Wash

This last week was a wash…kinda!

Last week was fabulous in some ways!  Jason and I were both off work on Thursday and Friday (happy birthday to Jason).   That was absolutely wonderful!   We spent Thursday running some errands and getting some things done.  It was a productive day…maybe not exciting but necessary in life.   I had my normal weekly sweet treat that evening. One a week…that’s the plan….right?

On Friday we packed up the bird and ourselves and headed out for a short trip away.  (Mertz the cat stayed home by herself).  We dropped Kiwi off at Jason’s parents who agreed to bird sit and we headed onward. We ended up in Harrisburg, pa.   We visited the National Covil War museum, roamed around downtown a bit and also visited the Fort Hunter Mansion and park.  On Friday I caved and got some cookies and indulged at the hotel.   Ok, two nights of sweet treats isn’t too bad right?

As we headed to pick up Kiwi (the bird) we decided to stop to look at a grocery store  and that store that has donuts that Jason loves. (Ok Jason decided) They didn’t have the donuts…yay!  But the did have this apple caramel cake that he loves.  Uhhh ohh!  Yes we bought some and I had cake on Saturday night.  Yes yes yes..I did!

I actually felt sweet overload after the cake and vowed that Sunday would be different!   And you know what?  It was!  I did much better on Sunday.  No sweet treat for me!  We visited the local zoo on Sunday just to get out and move a bit.  We were laughing at a Scarlett macaw who was very interested in us and crept down the perch to as close as it could get to us.  Yup we offered our arms for it to jump to us. He didn’t take the offer!

I did NOT track a single item during the four day weekend!  Not a darn single thing!  I didn’t eat all that differently than normal…except for the sweet treats….but I can’t be sure of the calories because I didn’t track.  And honestly, I don’t feel one iota of guilt!

Monday rolled around and I started to track my food.  Right back on the bandwagon!

So what is my weight doing?  On Friday…my official weigh in day i weight in before we left for our mini trip.  (I have switched it back to Friday from mondays…I’ll talk about that some day soon)  my weight was actually doing week.  I was about a half pound down!   But Monday morning…I was up by about two pounds!  Luckily, by Tuesday my weight had dropped again….and even a bit lower than my Friday weigh in!  Whew…now just to keep that momentum going!!!

I’m ok with everything and with having a wash…a maintain (or just a wee tiny loss)  we had a great time celebrating Jason’s birthday and spending time together.  Memories were made and that is called living life to the fullest.  I made some decisions but vowed to make those decisions temporary and to get back to the grind as soon as our weekend was over.  And that is just what I did!!  I call that a success!

Friday, August 13, 2021

Frugal Friday - The Misto

 I find myself looking more toward the future lately.  I find myself looking at a future where I actually get out and FINALLY see the world.  I want to see so many places.  I want to visit so many national parks.  I want to experience what this world has to offer!    I also want to buy a house.  I want to put aside money for my retirement.  In essence, I have dreams.   We have been talking about ways to reach these goals and dreams.  Some of it requires planning.  Some of it requires changes in our lives.  Some of it is just simply being frugal and wise with our purchases.  So I thought it might be fun to do a Frugal Friday thing...or maybe I should call it a Financial Friday.....talking about ways to save money, ways to be frugal and ways to get closer to some of our goals....many of which are tied with finances!

I bought a Misto Non aerosol Kitchen Spray

Today I am going to share my new purchase.....a Misto! (amazon link)  The Misto is a replacement for the traditional aerosol sprays that are frequently used for their non-stick abilities in the kitchen.  Yes,  I have gone back to using a non-aerosol non-stick spray in my kitchen!   

The misto is a bottle that can be filled with an olive oil (or any oil that you chose) of your choice.  The device uses a pump that is built into the cap to pressurize the bottle. The pressure in the bottle will enable the olive oil to be dispensed as a spray through the standard spray nozzle.  It works like a charm.   

Now, let me be honest here.  (sigh)  Aerosol sprays are bad for birds and this purchase was initially planned to safeguard the health of our bird.   And of course, if it is bad for the birds lungs, it can't be good for I guess it's helping us too!   But once I made this purchase, I started to think about the financial ramifications. 

The Benefits of a Misto

There are so many benefits to using a Misto.  

**I have personally been buying a non-organic aerosol spray for my kitchen.  But with the Misto, I am able to fill the bottle with organic olive oil.   One more organic product is always a good thing!   

** This is a healthier option for my bird.  Birds have more fragile and delicate lungs.  Aerosol sprays are a big no no.  I want to keep my bird healthy because...well he is part of the family!  (Plus, vet bills are NOT cheap!)

**If aerosol spray is bad for the bird, it can NOT be good for me!  So eliminating this will be another step to a healthier life!

**This helps our environment!   It will reduce the non-recyclable waste going into the landfills.  It reduces the harmful pollutants that are going into our air.  It is just a good choice!

**Financially this is a cheaper option.  The cost per ounce of NON organic cooking spray in an aerosol can is $0.42.  The cost per ounce for the organic olive oil that I typically use is $0.30.  That makes it a cheaper option!  (I was using the prices from Aldi)

This purchase is not one that will make me rich.  (I wish I could find one that did!)  But using this Misto is a simple wise choice.  It benefits my health, my environment, my pocketbook and my bird!   It's a win win situation!  


Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Weigh In Time // Week 6 of the 12 Week Challenge

I have managed to make it 6 weeks in the 12 week challenge that I set for myself.  6 weeks in!   I’ve not given up or wavered in my dedication for the last six weeks.   It hasn’t been easy.    I haven’t always been successful.  But I’m still here…showing up for weight loss each and every day.

My weight has been fluctuating crazily the last week or so.   Last week, my Weight was up.  I was not at all happy.  But I wasn’t deferred.  I have goals and plans. And I want to reach those goals.  I am worth it!  I was going ho to move into the new week and smash it on the scales.

The week was actually a whole lot more difficult than I expected.   I weighed in 2 pounds heavier last Monday for my official weigh in day.   By Tuesday that number was up by two more stinkin’ pounds!   Yes…I’m two days I gained 4 pounds.   My calories were NOT that far out of control….I was eating closer to 1500 calories.   It was totally disheartening and then I had that one day where I just gave in and ate my stress about the scales.  (Yes, i bought into the self perpetuating cycle of eat..gain…eat to feel better!)   Luckily as I wrote last week, when I wrote about my NSV I was able to gather those reigns.  And the weight started to drop.   By Sunday, the day before my official weigh in I had dropped all found pounds and even 1.5 pounds extra! I was super excited!   But on Monday morning when I stepped on the scale for my official weigh in I was back up.   It showed a loss of 2.2…exactly what I had gained last week.  So I recouped that.   That is a relief.  But where did my extra loss go??!

So, for my 12 week challenge…I made a graph.  The green line shows the projected weight I have to lose to meet my goal.  The black (the more jagged line) is my actual weight loss and I chart my loss twice a week.    You can see that I am now ‘behind’ on where I need to be in my weight loss for this challenge.  Not far.  Literally only 1-2 pounds.  This goal is still doable!  It is actually very doable because the goal weight is by my vacation and the 12 week challenge and graph ends a week or so before vacation so there is a bit of wiggle room there.  But not much!   Not matter…I am already 9 pounds lower than I was 6 weeks ago at the beginning of this challenge.  I’m sure I will be even lower by vacation…and that is the win!  (Although I really want to be that lower weight!!)

The scales are frustrating for sure!   But I’m not giving up.  I’m choosing healthy and nutritious foods and that will eventually show up on the scales.  I’m loving healthy.

I sadly expect this weigh in week to be more difficult.  The week should be splendid in other ways though!   Jason and I are both off work on Thursday and Friday.  That’s right, it’s a four day weekend which will be glorious!  But, weekends are more a struggle for me with my weight loss efforts. As our long weekend approaches I am sitting back and giving myself pep talks about how I can easily manage this…I just have to stay focused!  I can do it!

Monday, August 09, 2021

Weekend Fun

We had a good weekend.  It wasn’t chock full of exercise and activity, but it was a fun weekend regardless! 

This past weekend was a grocery weekend.  When we get groceries we swing into at least stores. (Sometimes more if we need to hit targeted the pet store.). This takes quite a chunk of our day.  But that’s ok, it is part of life.  By the time we finished all of our shopping and general errands we didn’t have a whole lot of time left in the day for fun and excitement.  So we headed to our little ‘go to’ place.   

Gambrill Mill

Gambrill mill is an area within the confines of the Monocacy National Civil War Battlefield.  This area of the park is relatively small but it is just a neat place to visit.  It is our easy and quick place to go to reconnect with nature.

The main (only???) trail at this location is only a mile or so.  It starts on a boardwalk at the corner of the parking lot.  The boardwalk was just redone and is in great shape.  On the boardwalk you will meander by and over a stream that leads to the Monocacy River. It also will walk you by the site of an old shed that is in ruins.  
Eventually the boardwalk will deposit you at an access to the Monocacy River.  There is an overlook in case you don’t want to walk down to the river bank. (Overlook is a nice term…you are maybe 10 feet above the level of the water.)  In the summer this area is full of people swimming, picnics, canoes, rafters and so much aquatic activity.   
The trail now meanders around the edge of the field and follows another stream that flows into the Monocacy River.    The water in this stream is so clear. It is the perfect place to wade!
As you make the circle back to the parking lot you will see the Gambrill Mansion (used as offices) and the old mill that sits alongside the pond.  I have never seen either building open and available to the public.  But irregardless…it is a neat place to get out in nature if you just have a short period of time!

On Sunday we took a lazy day.   Seriously, we lounged around all morning.  We watched tv, played around online and I messed around with my cameras a bit.  It was a lazy morning!

During the afternoon we spent some time trying to get Kiwi, our Green. Geek Conure acclimated to traveling.   Yes we took him for an outing.   Some birds get car sick.  Apparently Kiwi get sick…but it’s definitely not from motion sickness…he has panic attacks!  I kid you not…this bird gets sick before we even turn on the car! Each outing he gets a bit better…so we hope that by vacation time he will be good with travel because he is going on vacation with us.  (Mertz is staying at home…she is more self sufficient and will only need someone to come check on her one or two times.)

Before we knew it, our weekend was over!   They go so fast!  The only consolation to the drama of going back to work?    We only have a three day week!   Both Jason and I are off on Thursday and Friday!  Yay!!!!!!

Friday, August 06, 2021

Frugal Friday and a NSV

 Hellooooooo Friday!   Good friend, old buddy!   I’ve been waiting a long time for you!  It has felt like a month of Sunday’s since the last weekend…it’s been a trip and a half!  This week I had a weight loss struggle mid week and along with that a wee little NSV.  And since it’s Friday I decided to share my own personal frugal Friday Find!  (Come on now…how could I not since it is a such a fun alliteration!)

Weigh Loss Struggle 

After my not so stellar weekend and weigh in on Monday, I was sure that I would be rocking out this week with my weight loss.  The determination was high!  I was up against the wall.  I have a goal that I want to reach by the beginning of October (vacation).  The goal requires me to lose two pounds a week.  Not losing during this last weigh in was putting me behind schedule and I couldn’t have that!  Motivation was running high!   Determination seemed to fail me around Wednesday!

I had grand plans on Wednesday!  I carefully entered my planned food intake for the day.  I looked at the numbers on MyFitnessPal and I was right in lines.  My calories were right around 1300.  I was golden!  (I am Mfclingan on MyFitnessPal if you want to join me.)  But then lunchtime came. The plan had been to eat some corn (leftover corn that I had cut off the cobs on Monday night) and some cherries.   I was good with that plan. Until I walked into the kitchen!  The first thing I saw was the potato roll that was leftover from the weekend.  Bread!  I love bread! I had been successfully ignoring that potato hamburger roll all week.  I don’t rightly know why I hadn’t thrown it away.  I had thrown away the extra pretzel hamburger bun…but for some reason I left the potato bun. Stupid move!  Really stupid move.  Because on Wednesday I  caved.  Maybe it was the few slices of deli ham that was leftover from making chicken cordon blue the night before that threw me over the edge…but whatever the reason, I grabbed that hamburger bun and that ham and I made myself a ham and cheese sandwich.  (Two slices of cheese and Mayo were also added!)  I wish I could say that it ended there.  But it didn’t.  Chips.  I can usually ignore Jason’s chips.  But with a ham and cheese sandwich…I lost the battle!  Yes, I had chips with my sandwich.  Oh… I still ate the corn and the cherries.  I wasn’t doneI I thoroughly enjoyed the candy that I keep on my desk.  It is my one piece 20 calorie treat in the afternoons. I can usually do fine with it and keep it at that one piece little pick me up treat.    Except on Wednesday.  On Wednesday, it wasn’t one piece.  I’m sure it was closer to 10 pieces.  Ooops!  My calorie budget was shot for the day and I knew it!

A Wee weight loss NSV

Wednesday night rolled around and with it came dinner time.   I had planned and put together a pan of Baked Ziti ln Tuesday night so dinner prep was literally making a vegetable (baked zucchini Parmesan) and throwing some garlic bread in the oven.   I pulled the garlic bread out of the freezer and my mind began do do battle!  I had planned on one piece of garlic bread.  However I WANTED two pieces!   Why not just do it…my calorie budget was were already blown for the day.  Why not just indulge and enjoy.  ‘I can always get back on track tomorrow right?’  Yes, I actually said that to myself. But then I immediately corrected myself and said ‘no…if you eat the bread you will dig yourself deeper into a hole and tomorrow you will just be mad at yourself’    

 I put that extra piece of bread away.  I stuck to the original plan.    And that my friends is my NSV!   Sure my calories were way over for the day but I kept it from being worse.  I didn’t cave to that mentality of “well I already messed up may as well enjoy it.’   That mentality is what has caused my weight gain. It is what keeps me from weight loss.  I stopped it in its tracks on Wednesday it is a victory!  (And that victory set me up for success on Thursday!)

Frugal Friday 

I love a good deal!  I call myself cheap…Jason reminds me that most of the time it is me being frugal!  (Although I can sometimes be a bit cheap too!)   My frugal side came through recently when I was looking at dresses on Amazon.  Now let me say that Jason loves to see me in a dress.  (Something that is even more rare now that I work from home… can I say comfy clothes all week?)   Add to that is the fact that I also love vintage clothes!  I love the style of dresses from the 50’s.   Is it any surprise that I was looking at 50’s inspired dresses?  

And then I saw it!  I saw a polka dot dress that I fell in love with!!  (Amazon link).  Now, I’ve looked at dresses at the mall and random stores. $60 seems to be a decent  figure for the cost of  most dresses. (Low ball figure)and that is why I don’t buy them.  I struggle buying a dress that I will be spending a fair amount of money for but may not wear too often!  I was expecting this dress to be about the same price!  But no!  It was only $30!  Really???  I just had to have it!!!  I ordered it and anxiously awaited its arrival!

It came and I fell even more in love with this dress!  This dress was only $30 and it was a true bargain!   It was my frugal Friday Find!!!  Now I just need to find a place to wear a dress!   Maybe it’s time to spice up my life and get out of my comfy scrubby clothes!!!!

if you want to see a video of the dress and see me wear it,  (and some other bargains) you can check out my video on YouTube at this link.  

I’m heading into the weekend after this week where   I struggled.  But my mental decision to not indulge in destructive behaviors was a huge victory and has rekindled the determination to make this week’s weigh in fantastic!!!!  I’m on a roll.   And, seriously…how cute is that dress?????

Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Terribly Lax

 I have been terribly lax on this blog!  I have not been posting regularly and I will be surprised if anyone even reads this....But I'm gonna post anyway.  I am going to post because it is good for me to have a record of my journey.  I am going to post because I need the accountability on my weight loss journey.  SO I'm just gonna do it!

Week five of my 12 week challenge is in the books.  I actually didn't do to bad with the week.  The first few days my calories were right in check!  Then I headed into a long weekend and things got a bit more difficult with my food choices. I never went totally off the rails!  My highest calorie day was right around 1500-1600 calories.  BUT....I know for my body, that is not a lose zone.   I maintained the first part of the weekend and then Monday morning for my official weigh in I showed a gain!  grrrr

I had a doctors appointment last week.  It was just my annual physical.  But I was nervous.  I had a few things that were bothersome.  But they all actually turned out to be 'nothing to be concerned with at the moment.

    * A spot on my face - the spot is just a skin/aging spot. Nothing to be concerned with.  If it starts to bleed or to grow then call them back (or visit a dermatologist).

    * The weird cough and throat clearing I have after I eat (just once or twice each meal) - This is acid reflux.  There is medicine but if it's just a simple cough or throat clear and not bothering me, no need to add medicine at this time.  (Losing weight should help this also!)

    *  My fingers swell during hikes.   This is nothing to be concerned about as long as they are only swelling during hikes and not at random times throughout the day.  (Once again Losing weight should help)

   *  The spot on my lung that was found during my bike accident from last year.   She confirmed that it was just a spot from a previous infection.

   *  She was fully in agreement with my projected 1200-1300 calorie plan and my exercise plan.   Quite happy with it in fact.

    *My bloodwork all came back great.  

So I had a good doctors visit!

We had a nice weekend.  I spent Friday with my mom.  Saturday Jason and I went for a bike ride and did our errands.  On Sunday, we worked on trying to get Kiwi used to traveling.  Yes, we are working to get Kiwi used to care rides (he doesn't exactly like them)!   Overall, we had a good weekend.

SO yes, my weight was up on Monday.  I know that I didn't drink enough water on I'm hoping the weight will correct itself quickly!  But if it doesn't, I know that I am on the right path to health!!!!