Monday, March 20, 2017

Boomerang weight

So the other day I talked about my two meals of Chinese and the fact that it was ok as long as it was only one day!  My last few weeks have not been the greatest.  I was at the top end of my caloric range for the last umpteen days!  Not off the rails but definitely not where I should be to be losing!!!!!  Just too much and poor options.  

I haven't looked too much at my miles since last week....half of the weekend my Fitbit was uncharged....and my charger wasn't anywhere near.  Oops!

Exercise for last week and this weekend....nearly non-existent!    

The whole week was pretty much a crazy week of just skimming and doing nothing to get myself to my goals.

So I was really nervous about stepping onto the scales for my unofficial weigh in this morning.   Very nervous.  I had teetered at 238 pounds for weeks...and last week got down to 236.  I was afraid I had gone right past 238 into the 240's!   Luckily it wasn't that bad.   I'm like a boomerang that is returning to 238.....that must be my current boomerang weight!   Shucks!   But I did it to myself!!!

We had a relaxed weekend.  We did some shopping, explored an old chapel and graveyard,

Went to some antique stores and an old mill....

And just relaxed together.

I saw this bumper sticker at one of the shops we went to...


I used to sign emails and blog posts by finishing off with 'think thin'. And that is so true.....

And then at another one I saw this...

How perfect since that is after all part of my blog title!!!

They both simply reminded me of where I want to go and what I have to do to get there!!!