Friday, February 03, 2017

Give a hoot

So this week has been sorta a bust!    Ok, not a total bust...I did show a loss of 2 pounds.  Finally a downward movement on the scales.

I haven't really cared about running....I never started my strength training that I vowed to start, I didn't pull out the exercise videos and I didn't give a hoot about my mileage!

Last weeks stress just totally got to me.   I focused on holding my head high and proud, knowing that I am doing my job at work ethically, correctly and according to rules and procedures!  It has been added stress and quite frankly not exactly fun.  But I'm hanging on!!!   And the finances...well I'm working on it!!!

So pretty much no exercise other than a few short cold walks outside and or hike in Sunday.  The good news?  I have tracked my food and my calorie count is slowly coming back into line. This has been a slow start but dare I say that it might be for the best as I've just learned to adjust and I don't feel at all deprived?

Maybe next week I can get back to running and daily exercise!