Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Head issues

Todd and I went out early and played tennis this morning.  I had fun.   I only won 1 of 4 sets.  GRRRR  Just when I was hitting my stride our time ran out.  BOOOOOO   Zumba tonight!  Yippee!

So this morning when I was getting ready to leave I was putting on a ball cap.  I've been wearing ball caps to keep my unruly hair in place while I'm exercising (it's a tad too short to keep under control on it's own).  I looked down and saw a zumba head band.  I thought...why not!  I can be cool and wear a headband!  I put the headband on.   Halfway through the tennis time I figured out that there must be something wrong with my head...and also remembered why I don't wear them all that often.  The don't stay in place on my head.  Me and my poor misshapen head!  

And just a few thoughts words from me are necessary to introduce or explain!