Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Well, i was cleared by the cardiologist yesterday.  The pulmonary tests cleared me for lungs on Monday.  I'm super relieved about this.  But yet, it still makes me wonder what in the world has caused the chest pains.  Go figure...and STILL causing them.  The cardiologist was like "exercise if you want...start out slow though".   Slow?  MF do anything half ass?   3 hours later found me at Zumba......I did tone it down just a tad......haa haaa haa.  Was I out of breath and having a hard time to catch my breath? Yes....but the doctor seems to think that the exercise will help with that.  I got the impression that he thinks it is the initial diagnosis of pleurisy......and my inactivity is causing my fitness level to decrease rapidly (since all I do is sit on my butt because hey, I don't knwo what's wrong with me!).   So I'm going to give it the gung ho go. 

My weight was GRAND yesterday.....but UP today.  up by more than 3 pounds.  What's up with that??????   Couple things maybe.....late dinner, high sodium lunch, first workout in a while.....oh yeah, the ick is just around the corner...blech.