Thursday, February 02, 2012

bucket list

Well finally got off my butt and did something on my bucket list.  Yeah, amazing...because of late I've just wanted to sit around and not do anything.  So what did I do???  I entered three pics onto a photography contest.  It's not a big contest or anything.  It's a contest commemorating the 150th year of Antietam Battlefield.  It's through the local paper.  The prize is not really a big deal to me either (haa haa haa...a stay at a local bed and breakfast...which is probably one that is a mile from my house.....or a guided tour of the battlefield.....which once again is right outside my front door).  But I did it.  :-)   Three pics of mine are on there.  :-)

These three:

So just me putting myself out there!   I thought I would put myself out there.