Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Moving along!

So I'm on day two of my challenge.  I think it helps to look at this in a much smaller increment.  Like I said in yesterdays post...who can't do something for two weeks.  :-)

Surprisingly enough, I have been SUPER active the last few days...since I woke up Sunday morning that is 15.06 miles of walking and running.  Ohhh and that doesn't count the hours of push mowing that I did on Sunday afternoon!   My legs are just cranking out the miles!   Feels good!

This morning I saved a tiny turtle from possible demise on my walk.  (and this morning was a walk)  He was just lounging on the road.  I moved him to the grass.  Poor little tyke!

Allergy season has been around for a while.   In typical years my left eye (just my left eye....go figure) waters for a few days and then I'm OK.  Annoying but nothing major.  This year....it wouldn't let up.  It watered day after day after day.  And Sunday night when I went to bed my eye was SORE.  I assumed that like normal it would be fine in the morning...and get progressively worse.  However Monday morning arrived and my eye was SORE to the touch.  I didn't let it stop me...I went running.  I went to work and I caved.. The eye hurt....I had tears streaming from that eye.. my eye was swollen ....and it was goopy.  . went to the pharmacy and the pharmacist recommended a drop for my eye and I started taking Benedryl.  Today it's much better. Still a bit tender and a bit more 'wet' than normal...but over all much better!   Look close...you may see the goopy swollen eye!

My hip is still giving me grief....and into my butt cheek.  I guess I really am a pain in the ass!

Food wise....SPOT ON!   I kept it together yesterday...even though I was DYING for a snack last night!  I ignored that demon's call and did well!   Today I struggled between getting home from work and having dinner sitting on the table ready to eat.  I persevered!     Now if the scales just show my efforts (Yes, I'm taking sneak peaks...but my lips are sealed!)