Wednesday, January 11, 2006


OK....I've started. In the last five days, I have exercised four of those days. Three days I churned on the exercise bike and then today my husband and I hiked a couple of miles. I stuck to the 20 minute activity. The first day my legs felt a little like jelly. But, I know that I need to turn it up another level. I have also been working on my crunches. Yes, my worst area is my stomach......So, I feel like I am helping my achilles heel by doing the crunches.

Found a great site... This site is so awesome. You can enter your foods eaten and it will give you the total calories, fat and nutrients for the day. Then you can go and enter your exercise for the day...including various daily activities. After all is entered, the report page breaks it down into how you are progressing...and not progressing. Where they problem areas may on and so forth!

I need to lose 2.1 lbs a week to meet my goal by my birthday of this year!