Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Comfort Zone

I was talking last night at zumba.  My leader used to do a class called Sentao.  This leader really pulled out the stops and worked us!  (I've been to a different leaders Sentao classes and it's still a good workout but not as intense as Anita's class.)   The class was AWESOME!  You know it's a good workout when the instructor (who teaches something like 30 classes a week) comes in the next day and says "holy cow I'm sore after last nights Sentao".     When she started the class we had close to 30 people doing the class.  However, as time went by the class size started to dwindle.  We went from 30 to 20 and then lower.  There was a solid base of us that attended regularly...we LOVED it.    We were talking about it last night.  OK, so two or three of us were there lamenting the fact that the class is no longer being offered (I would have made the same decision were I Anita.....a class for 4-5 people isn't feasible).  Anita asked why we thought it didn't work out.  I said "It''s because it HURT....and while some of us realize that hurting and being sore is a good thing most people run from it!!!"    I'm not sadistic...but I realize it's going to hurt.  I accept the pain!  I am going to push myself out of my comfort zone...because I want good things...and that's the only way to get them!

And that said....I will be on the bike as soon as the rain stops and I can get out there!!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Name calling

This morning was a day that I should have been out running!!!   Seriously!  I planned to do it!  It was on my list!   Instead I got this...

  Now I don't know if this picture makes any I will explain.  That is my face in the shadows of the hood.  The gray sky behind me is foreboding.  In fact in reality is was raining quite briskly whilst taking this picture.    

You can call me a wimp if you must...but it's just not a warm summer rain today.   A warm summer rain is somewhat liberating.  No..cold dreary rain.  So....I went out to breakfast instead of running. Zumba all is not lost!!

After breakfast we hit sam's club (killing time before another store opened!   We are looking at getting a new grill.   This one is tickling our fantasy.    Hmmmm. 

Party at our house if we get it!  (Part all summer maybe cuz that thing is huge....). Yes...searing grill...reg grill area....charcoal grill.  (I think the searing is infared...if I remember correctly).  Too much grill for two people? me nuts if you must!!!  But then again... Hmmmm. (Not if we par-tay!!) meanwhile I'll be researching that puppy looking for reviews!!

Lucy thinks she is such a rebel...little dies she know that I leave that bowl of water in the sink for her.  Call me a crazy cat lady if you must...but Lucy is old and deserves to be spoiled in her old lady status!!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

I think i'm nuts

I woke up this morning.  Finally the schedules, sickness, weather and whatnot aligned and Sherry and I were able to meet up to walk!   5 plus miles of walking and talking.  WHEW!!!!

This weekend was quite busy and I knew yesterday that I needed to run my 5k for the virtual series that I'm doing.  I knew I was walking this morning and that it would be a long shot.  I knew it...yet I just couldn't squeeze it in there!   Nope, didn't happen.  So this morning I went walking.  I knew that I could just call the 5 miles of walking my 5k (5k plus).  That just seemed like cheating though.  Cheating and NOT the way to reach my goals!

So after we walked on the battlefield, I hopped in my car and drove to the canal.  Yes, I could have run on the battlefield.  I frequently run on the battlefield.  However, I had the time today....and I was going toward Hagerstown anyway, so I decided to go somewhere I don't normally run.  I drove to Williamsport and ran on the canal there.  Yes, I did say run!

I started to run and my legs groaned (remember they had just finished a walk).  But while my body tried to tell me to stop, I didn't have the absolutely horrible mental breakdown during this run that I had on Thursday when I ran.   I just had to use the good old standby "Are you REALLY dying?"  question.  And no, I wasn't dying, so I kept running!

8.35 miles completed on my legs this morning. (and yes, the hot tub may be Todd's baby...but it's gonna feel GOOD on my legs tonight!!!)

While running!

Not a fast run....42 minutes for my 3 miles....but not really slow...that was average for me right now.

Ahhhh finished!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Shut up!!!

My run today wasn't all that fantastic.   I started out and my legs were right.  My legs were heavy.  I felt as of I couldn't get a full breath of air into my lungs.   I felt that way before I even hit a quarter of a mile.  I pushed onward.  I know that our bodies are much more capable than our minds believe as I was banking on that fact to get me through my run.

By a half of a mile I was contemplating my recent eating woes.   I've been unhappy with life and I have to admit, I have been feeding my emotions.  I have made my plans for eating but often times I look at the food I've planned and I make a concious decision to eat something else.  Usually (ok always) something higher in fat and calorie content!  I am making choices that are totally divergent from what my ultimate goal is.  So why am I doing it to myself?   Ok, that's what an addict does, it's not really a question of why.   It's not pretty and I know why I'm doing it.  I just need to use willpower to stop!!

The next mile or two passed I eventfully.  I cried about things. I ran some more (with some bouts of walking because monkeys just felt icky).   I stopped to take a picture of some bluebells.

I even stopped to take a picture of myself  laying on the ground surrounded by bluebells.  

And then the run went from bad to horrible.  I started to question and doubt myself.  My mini me was standing on my shoulder hurling negative talk into my ear!    "Seriously MaryFran, why are you out here flailing around on the towpath and calling it running?  You are not a runner and you will never be a runner."

   I questioned my commitment to run and decided to quite...I could ride my bike instead, no problem!!!   But the litany of self doubt and negative talk continued in my head.  "You may as well sell your bikes, you are not a biker either!!" 

  It was a non-ending refrain being pounded in my head.

Finally I had enough and I started to yell. "Shut up!!"  Oh yes, I yelled it out loud.  (I'm so very glad that there was no one on the canal today near me because between the crying and the so big and now the yelling, I'm sure they would have pulled out the straight jackets for me!!!)

I finished my run strong.   Nothing was going to make me stop running until I got to the car.   Those voices kept telling me to stop and kept hurling insults but I don't listen.   Sure my legs hurt, but I finished strong chanting these words the whole way.  "Shut up, shut up, shut the 'f' up!!!!"

Shut up!!   I can be a runner if I want to!!

Shut up!!  I can be a biker if I want!!

Shut up!!!  I can be thin it I want!!!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Today this made me happy.  

Why yes that is a bowl of sliced strawberries.  Delicious scrumptious heavenly tasting strawberries!   

No, my eating wasn't dead on today...but I had strawberries!!!  

Planning a run tomorrow morning and because I'm a glutton for punishment...well maybe..oh hell I'm not making any promises about a bike ride!!  (Fears~~shudder)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

And the foot bone's connected to the....

Happiness....what is it really?

It's elusive.  It's fleeting.   It's kinda lacking in my life. I have moments of happiness, but for the most part I'm unhappy with how my life is playing out.  For various reasons I feel or actually am boxed in, unable to change the path that I'm on.  It's like a roller coaster....I got on and I can't get off until the ride is done.  (I love roller coasters...but not this one called life!)

I pray for happiness. I try to figure out what would bring me happiness.  I want happiness.  But it's hiding from me.

The bigger problem?   Happiness plays a HUGE role in my weight loss efforts.  When I have a handle on things my weight loss goes so much better.  Case in point...early last year I had a handle.....and I was losing.  My world imploded and happiness fled and I started to gain.  Luckily I have stopped the gain but I am struggling with losing more.

To make matters worse...the lack of progress in my weight loss efforts contributes to the unhappiness.

So you see, it is all interconnected.

I don't know how to fix it.  But I am just going to march onward and hope and pray for a change!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday madness

After my busy weekend I awoke this morning just absolutely dreading going to work!   I just wasn't feeling in any mood to face work!  I had already planned on going for a run.  I may have talked myself out of it die to tone constraints and my crappy mood but I pushed onward.  I was actually hoping that the 'runners high' would improve my Monday mood.

I'm sorry to announce it but I can't lie!  When the run was over, I still didn't want to go to work!!!  But at least I got a run in!!

Half way through my work day I decided that maybe a walk on my lunch break would make the day better!!!   So I walked on my lunch break!

Yeah, I felt great while walking.  I enjoyed the blooming trees and the sunshine.  Then I went back inside and the duldrums hit again.   

Hey, at least I turned toward exercise!  That's a huge step in the right direction!!!!  Tonight is Zumba!  Hopefully some of my peeps will be there!  (I refer to my Zumba buddies as 'my peeps')

This month I set a mileage goal of 100.  Should have been simple!   As of today I only have 21 miles!  Oops!  79 miles in 9 days....doable...kinda... But we shall see!!

Fear...have I mentioned how fear rules my life???  For some reason my lite speed bike is a fear for me.  I know that it is going to be painful against the first...and that freaks me out.  Go figure!  I even one day panicked about the clipless pedals.  (Although when I rode my trek yesterday and slowed down and immediately started the traditional litany in my head 'clips clips clips'...I knew I would be ok.).   I still struggle with changing the tube when I get a that freaks me out. Stupid fears!!!!   Yeah, I'm a mental case!  I know it!   

That said....I will be facing the bike and I WILL conquer it this year!   Riding and maybe...just maybe changing a tire too (I have no problem changing the tire/tubes on my trek or my husbands trek).

Eating....once again I'm vowing to get back to strict eating!!!  This weight HAS to go!!

Sunday, April 20, 2014


What a busy weekend...and it's not over yet!    I have been non-stop on the go!  

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         I've  done some shopping, groceries, lowes, Spa store, Aldi's...etc    I got to see a friend that I don't get to see too often.  I got to hang out with family.  I got work done in the yard.  I got a few hours of mowing (push mower) done.  I got some cooking done.  I made fruit salad (a HUGE vat of fruit's my contribution to the Easter dinner....and there will be enough for my mom to have a large bowl and my sister in law to have a large bowl for the week).  I made potato salad and turkey salad (mostly for our lunch at home on Easter...but for lunches for Todd for the week).  I also made a bean salad for my lunches at work for the week.  

                                                                                                                                                                                                          I got in a good run.  My pace was a bit slow...but oh well....I did it!!!    I also pulled out the bikes we use on the canal and oiled and checked tire pressure and all that good stuff.  I was determined to get out and bike this weekend!   On Saturday night  I literally fell into bed and crashed.  Todd said that last night in bed I was carrying on a conversation one minute and the next minute I was snoring away  ha ha ha.   I'm thinking today will probably be more of the same.   Up for the afternoon.....a bike ride an errand or two and then family Easter celebration.   

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    We are hoping to bike in an area where we know that there are typically a sea of bluebells.  It is really pretty to walk/ride through these areas.  So that is our hope. I did see a few bluebells on my run...but not a sea. :-)

I will leave you with a picture of the canal from yesterday.  I'll be seeing similar sites on my ride today (just a different area of the canal!)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Is it possible to live a life of perfection???  Tonight I was talking to some gals and my zumba instructor.  We were talking about weight, weight gain and maintaining a weight loss.  A few of the gals talked about just simply not having the temptation in the house and simply saying no.  They said they refuse to bake or anything.  This is a great method.  I admire people that can do this. It must be nice.  But is it sustainable?

I know for me it is NOT sustainable.   My manager at work just gave up diet soda.  She and I have talked quite a bit about it.  It's not something she plans on NEVER having again.  She knows that it is not a sustainable goal.  

That is the trick of this whole journey.  Finding a plan that is sustainable yet conducive to losing weight.  For me, saying I will not have sugar or never eat a cookie or even not having more than one slice of pizza is not a viable solution for me.  For me, it is a thing of learning how to manage my eating yet still lose weight.  Is this possible?  I personally think so.  It's just a thing of retraining my mind in how I think about food and I how I approach it!!!

Tuesday was an OK day.  I managed to make it to zumba and even though I had a bit of a wardrobe malfunction (my pants were dragging on the floor and they were making me trip) I was able to push myself and get a good workout.   

A horrible picture of me...I'm in an old oversized sweatshirt that I use for a Halloween costume years ago (I was the twister game). That is Lucy sitting on my shoulder like a parrot!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Imelda Marcos in the Making???

Monday was a day where I was spot on.  Calorie wise...literally dead on my goal.  Not one calorie over and not one calorie under.  Amazingly perfect!   And I topped it off with a class at zumba after work.....admittedly, like I said in my last post; zumba on Monday night is a habit....otherwise I'd probably have been a lazy bum!

Workout clothes out of my bag and ready to be donned!
Some days are perfect.  We feel sexy.  We feel confident.  We feel like we are on top of the world!   There is no discernible thing that causes us to feel that way.  But it can change.  The very next day we may feel like a frumpy bottom dweller.   The sexy confident days are the days that I feel most capable of success on this weight loss journey.  I feel confident about life and I feel confident about my goals and how to get there.  Those confident days are usually successful weight loss days.

So how can I manipulate these feelings?  I have of recent weeks rekindled my infatuation with shoes.  It started with these shoes.  Yes, they are pink suede shoes.

My all time favorite boots

My husband crossed his arms when I bought them and said "Don't you have enough pairs of shoes in the closet????"   I answered "One can never have enough shoes!"   I also vowed to wear some of those multiple pairs more often.  You see, I love shoes but I typically end up wearing the tried and true comfort (and sometimes ratty looking) shoes.  So I bought my pink suede shoes and wore them. I also pulled out the brown suede shoes.  I pulled out the black boots, the brown boots, and ohhh all time favorite black boots!   Oh yes, I wore my awesome shoes that I had in the closest.

And then this last week I walked into a store and my eyes saw them. Oh yes, I saw a pair of pink suede boots.  Pink?  Suede??  Really???  I just bought a pair of pink suede shoes two weeks earlier.  I fell in love with the boots and they were on sale!  A really awesome sale!!!  Well, I had to have them!  (My husband just said 'go ahead Imelda"  Oh yes, I bought them!  
not a great picture...but I promise..awesome boots under those pant legs

I'm not quite to Imelda status where close actually.  Is it a bit of a transfer of my addiction...I take away food and replace it with shoes.....probably not.  ha ha ha.  But you know...if it gives me a bit of sparkle...a bit of confidence....a bit of fun and whimsy into my life.  And if that sparkle, confidence, fun and whimsy in some weird convoluted way helps me maintain control of my food addiction....then bring on the shoes!  Hmmmm...maybe I should hit up a shoe store today!!!!  

Exercise minutes???

My exercise had been sporadic of late. I have grand plans but then they fall apart. The only thing I am consistently doing is Zumba.   Zumba on Monday and Tuesday is a habit!  Habits are a good thing.

I have dreams and goals.  I have a dream of beating my PR at my next 5k....I have a goal of a possible half marathon later this year.  I need to be working out if I want to see these goals and dreams come to fruition.  I struggle.   It's not really even excuses.  It's time. It's learning how to fit it in to my lifestyle and around my husbands whims.  

So when I saw the seven minute workout I was quite interested.  Do I think it's a substitute for a full body cardio, blood pumping workout?  No!   But would it be a quick easy addition to my day?  Yes!  

I headed into this short workout with very minimal upper body strength.  Strength training had been spotty at best.  Yes, I know I need to fix that....thus my decision to try out this mini workout!!!

This morning I prepared myself to get down to business for 7 minutes.  Basically the picture above shows each of the moves you do.   Simply do each move for 30 seconds and voila...7 minutes!    I don't know if it's important to move through the exercises in the exact order.  I can only assume so in order to let certain muscles rest whilst still moving.   

I started.....Jumping jacks!   Easy, no problem.  I was feeling quite cocky with myself at this point, thinking it was going to all be a piece of cake!   30 seconds down and I moved on to the wall sit.  15 seconds in and my legs were burning!!!  Wowzers.  

Next up, push ups.  I hit my first snag.  Have I mentioned that my upper body strength is lame at best?  Yeah, sissy push ups for me.  On wobbly arms I made my thirty seconds.  

Thirty abdominal crunches later...they weren't too bad (thank you Zumba instructor Anita for all of the an work we do).  Step ups.....and here is where I noticed it.  2 minutes of actual exercise and I was starting to get a little heated.  The squats were next, I could feel my muscles quivering a bit.  By the time the tricep dips came around it was official!  I was breathing hard and sweating!    Was totally not expecting that!  Not at all!

I finished up the rest of the twelve moves.  I could feel it.  My muscles were worked.  

I really struggled with the two push-ups.  Yikes!  At least I figured out where my issues are!!!  I do think that his workout would be one that if done consistently would be quickly outgrown.  Then I would simply need to become a 14 minute workout I guess. 

I think that this workout will be something I try to incorporate into my daily life.    Who can't find seven minutes???   

Sunday, April 13, 2014

You say potato, I say pa-tah-toe

On Friday a customer (as a side of my favorite who I was afraid I'd never see again as in January at age 87 she broke her hip, which can be the kiss of death. She is doing GREAT though...up and around and just using a cane right now) brought us a bag of Dark Chocolate.   Dark chocolate is my fav!!!!!.  I love dark chocolate! The assorted bag of dark chocolate sat on the counter for a few hours and then I broke into it.  I broke into it with care and consideration.  Two pieces of dark caramel was roughly 180 calories.  I chose to eat one.  I also chose to eat that one 3/4 inch square piece in multiple bites.  It took me 2 hours to eat that piece of candy. I savored it!  And I felt so proud of myself to actually be in control of my addiction!!!  Truly empowering!

Half eaten piece of candy

Friday night I did well with my eating.  I made turkey burgers and baked zucchini Parmesan. SOOO yummy!

baked zucchini Parmesan in the making

Saturday was a rather uneventful day.   I worked in the morning and I spent the afternoon and evening working around the house doing errands and know the kind that pile up....laundry, floor scrubbing, dishes....etc.

Sunday is the day that I really was non-stop on the go.....or rather just away from home the home time.

It started at Panera Bread for an early morning bagel followed by a morning hike!
Old Lime Kilns on the C&O Canal

After the hike I headed home.  After a relaxing soak in the hot tub I got myself ready and I headed to town to hook up with my parents and my brother's family.  We piled in cars and headed northeast.  We managed to hit a few antique shops (yeah, I bought a few bottles for my collection) as we made our way to a restaurant about an hour away from my parents house.  The reason?  It was a surprise 25th wedding anniversary party for my Aunt and Uncle.  Yippee.   A few hours later and we were heading out the door of the party and heading to the somewhat local Utz Factory Outlet.  (Utz....potato chips)

I picked up some chips....some Utz Potato Chip hat to use whilst running (it keeps my hair under control and the sweat from dripping into my eyes).  I of course took some pictures while there. It's now 8:30PM...I'm home and ready to wind down for the day.....time to start the week over again!

Nephew number two (7 years old)

My niece trying to coerce my nephew number one (the oldest) into posing.....that is actually the top of his head......

MaryFran Utz!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Pain free run????? Holy cow!

Before I get into the nitty gritty of today's post I need to report my weight.  I was nervous about this weight.  Last Friday I weighed in and then I had a gluttonous weekend and on Monday when life returned to normal I took a sneak peak at the scales and I was up 3 pounds.  EEEEK!   SO today's weigh in made me nervous. Low and behold...2 pounds down from last Fridays weight (5 pounds down from Monday's weight!)  WOOO HOOO!    I will take that and run with it!!!!!  

And now on to the scheduled programming for today.  (

I suffer from a few ailments:
            * I was diagnosed with arthritis when I was about 29 years. I played around with a lot of different remedies and fixes.  I don’t like medicine so I looked at copper bracelets, braces, garlic and other natural arthritis busting foods.  
            * Last year I was felled by a case of plantars fasciitis and tarsal tunnel.  I have tried various remedies and fixes for these ailments also.  I have done the rest, lotions and potions.  I know that the biggest relief I have gotten is when I tape my foot up tight, so I do that, but then lament at the continual cost of the tape.

These conditions are ongoing, something I've had to learn to deal with through various products and practices.  So when I heard about TommieCopper, I was really interested.   Tommie Cooper is a company that makes compression garments and sleeves (elbow and knee sleeves ….or what I would sometimes call a brace).  What makes Tommie Cooper unique?   “Activated copper is at the core of every Tommie Copper garment……it is permanently and densely infused into all performance yarns”   That interested me from the get go as I had long ago looked at wearing a copper bracelet for it’s benefit on my aching joints.   Secondly?  I’ve heard really good things about compression garments… to combine copper and compression into some exercise gear sounded like a REALLY good idea.  I nosed around on their website.  I liked what I saw, except for the price.  But I vowed to get some socks whenever I had a bit of extra money.  I pushed the thought aside.  And then I was contacted by the company to do a review on some of their products.  I was over the moon happy!

My box arrived this past Tuesday.  I opened it up and looked at my new goodies.  I had received a pair of ankle socks, a pair or black calf socks and a pair of Capri pants.  I refrained from digging right in and instead vowed to wait until my next scheduled run…which was for Thursday morning. 

Thursday morning rolled around and I was up and ready to try on my new items.  The Capri pants were the first thing to go on.  They felt comfortable and fit me like a glove.  I looked in the mirror and was like “ok” not bad.  I moved around in a few weird gyrations to make sure that they would be fine for a morning run and noticed no problems.  I was ready to roll.

My socks and shoes were the last thing to go on.  I chose the ankle socks for my run.  I slipped the sock onto my foot and I immediately let out a long sigh.  Ohhh heavens, they felt GOOD.  The tight band that wrapped around my foot and supported my arch was AWESOME. (Can you hear the angels singing that word….because I can?)  You see, when my plantar is really bothering me, the quickest relief is when I tape it up nice and tight.  This pair of socks did that without the tape.  Ahhhh….. did I say heaven?   
Yes, the blur behind my foot is my cat Desi, he is such a camera hog, he sees a camera and he comes running!  

I was quickly out the door and ready to roll.  I drove to Hagerstown to meet up with Paula, my friend for our fun.  She snapped the pictures of me showing off the pants.

 We started at the Fairgrounds and meandered down to Pangborn Park and back.  (Shhh don’t tell my family, but I actually ran right by their houses…and we didn’t stop…I did wave at my parent's cat who watched my run by from his perch inside the storm door.) 

  3.44 miles completed….in our normal crazy fashion

(yes, we actually stopped to smell the roses…or rather daffodils)

 As Paula and I stood talking by our cars after our run was complete. All of a sudden I started to jump up and down and move around.  She looked at me like I was nuts….which I probably am…..but I was quick to realize that my plantars fasciitis was not bothering me at all!   YAY!  That is awesome!  And I wasn’t taped, I went running with just socks and shoes.

After my shower, I got dressed for work   I decided to wear the calf socks to work…..

Of course, maybe wearing them with these shoes may be counter productive.  Ha ha ha

And the verdict on Tommie Cooper……

   The pants…nothing rubbed wrong, it actually felt as if I wasn't wearing any pants (which would be a whole different issue were that the case).   My knee felt great under the compression…maybe it was the copper, who knows.  I liked running in the pants.  I will definitely be using them as frequently as possible in the normal rotation of my workout pants.  Very comfortable!  When I am next looking for exercise pants (when my size goes down) from what I experienced today, I will be quite favorable to buying another pair of Tommie Copper pants. (Plus, Paula told me that they made me look slimmer…..and that my derriere looked fantastic in them…..heck, that just made these pants even better in my book!)

The socks are what I am in love with.  IN. LOVE. WITH. THE. SOCKS.    I have long suffered from foot problems and my feet actually felt great after running.   My feet felt wonderful in the black socks while I was at work wearing my pink boots.  I was actually sad about taking off my socks to get into the hot tub that evening, and seriously contemplated putting back on a pair of dirty socks so that I could experience them longer!.  I have quickly been converted to become a huge fan of these socks!!!!!    The only thing that will keep me from running out and buying a drawer full of Tommie Copper socks is the price.  In fact, I’m petrified that these pairs of socks will be one of the ones that mysteriously lose their match in the wash.   Ehhh....Cost aside, owning a couple pairs pairs of these bad boys are well worth it!!!!!!!! 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Why not Me

Just recently I was trolling through facebook posts and saw a post by a friend from high school. In that post he talks about an interview on 60 minutes years ago. I did a cursory search for the interview on the internet, but didn't look too deeply, thus I can't verify it at this time...but the meaning of the story still resonates in my mind. He states that he was watching an interview with a baseball player Dan Quisenberry.  In it they asked him if he ever considered the question "Why me?"  IN regards to his diagnosis and treatment of a brain tumor.  His answer was "Why not me?  Why would I wish this on anyone else. I've had a good life, so why not me"

That is pretty bold.  In the face of death he accepted and didn't bemoan the fact that he had an illness that could very well mean death.  How many people can say that they accept life's curve balls with such dignity.  NO, we have something bad happen and we fall apart and moan about the fact that our lives suck.  We cry about all the negativity in our life, wondering "why us".  

Well, I don't know why I've had some of the stuff happen in my life.  I don't know.  But I'm going to try to start living my life and saying "why not me".    Accepting those curve balls with dignity and grace is how we can display our true nature.  

Yesterday I had a bit of a curve ball.  I got home from work.  Our lunch plans were cancelled which threw me into a tailspin.  I went to the car, threw my purse in the trunk and went to get into the car. keys were attached to my the trunk.  My husband lost his car key so all I had was the valet key...which won't open the trunk (I have the trunk release cable disabled in my car for a variety of reasons).  Uhhhh this was NOT good.  Threw me for a loop.    I ended up calling for help...but locksmiths can't help when it comes to trunks...the only solution they had was to tow us to a dealership.  ha ha ha.  Welll, since I had a valet key, I drove myself to the dealership and ended up buying  'dummy' key for my trunk.  Crisis averted.

That however, messed up the plans for my hike.  Instead we ended up cleaning up the yard ...fallen limbs and such so that we are ready and clear to mow. Yep, mowing season is upon us!   So no formal exercise.  But I was active.

This morning I met up with Paula and we went jogging.  It was slow and I struggled.  I sooooo need to et back to running consistently 3-4 times a week!!!!!

I work at noon today and hope to have dinner with my parents tonight.  Exciting stuff in my life!  :-)

Wednesday, April 09, 2014


Another day down.  I didn't do too badly yesterday.  Ate what I planned and exercised.

The last two nights after Zumba I've had conversations...and both nights something has come up.   Both nights I've made a comment.  "I am the one responsible for my health and my weight". My Zumba instructor is not responsible.  My husband is not responsible.  My doctor is not responsible.   There is only one person responsible and that is me!

Now in the course of the conversation we were talking about the 'what if's'.  What if our favorite Zumba instructor leaves, what if the class that I can attend with my schedule is cancelled, what it....   And I was saying 'I am responsible for my health.  I would be responsible for finding an akternate class or activity!   But now that the light of day has hit, I also realize that holy cow, that means that I'm responsible for everything!!!!!!

EVERYTHING!!!!  So what that means is when my husband wants to go our to eat three times a day (ok, maybe that's an exaggeration!)...I am still the one responsible for the food I put into my mouth at the restaurant!   When he backs out on a hike or a bike ride, I am still responsible for still getting done physical activity in!!  Rain, snow, hail, high winds???   I'm still responsible for getting the workout done.  Seriously, go to the gym!   Ride the exercise bike that's in the living room!!!  I am responsible for my behaviors!

So onward and upward.....and a slide down on the scales!!!

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Moving forward

Yesterday (monday) I ate pretty decently.  Definitely got my 5 fruits and veggies into my body.  Today, aiming to have another good day with lots of fruits and veggies....AND within my caloric budget!   I made it to zumba  last night...which kicked my butt! And I plan on making it back there tonight!  So I'm on the right path.

I did take a sneak peak at my weight yesterday mornng.  Ok, I checked it three times.  Three times and I got three different readings.  Darn scales!  The first reading was 235.  I was actually ok with that.  That was about 3 pounds up from my Friday weigh in.  I was actually more than ok with that.  You see, I hadn't drank water (mostly diet soda with a bit of Crystal Light thrown in for good measure) the whole weekend. (ohh, did  forget to mention that yesterday?   OOPS)  I know that water retention for me is usually 2-3 pounds.  So I was REALLY ok with that weigh in.   I ate breakfast and then went to take my shower.  I honestly was having difficulty believing the 235 weigh in...because if that was water retention that meant that I hadn't gained a pound.  I stepped on the scale before my shower and I weighed in at 232.8.  Well heck, that was only a half of pound higher than my Friday weight.  I pondered that while showering and stepped back on the scale after my shower and low and behold.....230.4  NICE. ha ha ha.  Yeah, I'm not going with the 230 number.  I'm sticking with the higher 3 pound gain number.  This morning I've only weighed in once....and it was after I ate breakfast and it's closer to that 235 number.  Sooooo there was the damage.  Now it's time to get my butt back into gear!

The muscles in my shoulder (the trapeziums and the erectors) have seized up again.  This is not the first time, nor will it be the last I fear.    It's just annoying. It takes my breath away when I move sometimes.....and is just a constant let me tell you.  Those muscles are tied to pretty much EVERYTHING.  OUCH.  Oh well....   I got in the hot tub this morning and that eased it up some....course the pain has come ricocheting back as my body has cooled down.  Hmmm, maybe I need a massage!  :-)

Either way, I'm trucking on.  Zumba tonight.  Hiking with Todd tomorrow (and possibly Zumba tomorrow night).  Running on Thursday.  I've got places to go and I aim to get there!

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Breakthrough bonanza

Homemade brownies.  Worth. Every. Bite.

Yes, homemade brownies for a movie time snack each night this weekend.  I'm not going to lie.  Chinese food.  Pasta.  Panera Bread bagel.  Diner Breakfast.   Hot Taco Dip.  Homemade turkey and cheese subs.  Cherry Slices (yeah, those gummy pieces of candy with the sugar coating the outside...YUMMY).  I made my choice and I ate.

The crazy thing is?  I have long bemoaned the concept of missing the old way of eating.  Missing the innocence  Well this weekend I ate more food than normal...yet still no where near what I used to eat.   My body is feeling sluggish and bloated from the food.  I am actually anxious to get back to a normal routine where I'm eating nutritious foods.

I think I needed a weekend of eating in something reminiscent of the 'old ways'.  I needed it to remind me what it used to be.  I needed it to show me that what I was missing is NOT what I want!   What?   A breakthrough????

So what is my plan?   I spent the afternoon (yes, on my actual anniversary) prepping my salad fixin's.  I cut up fruit and have a big bowl of fruit salad.  I'm READY!

So the big debate in my head is this.  Weigh myself tomorrow and face the music....or wait until my normal weigh in day on Friday.  Hmmmmmm

Friday, April 04, 2014


I've said it over and over, this journey is about choices.  I have choices to make each day.  What I eat is a choice.  What exercise will I do.   Some days the choices are easy.  Some days I waffle on my choices.  Some days the choice is the most difficult thing!     Today the choice was easy.....I chose to celebrate 12 years of marriage with my husband.  We are celebrating with a mini vacation. The choice may not be the correct one, but it's what I chose.   I know that I will use more calories than I 'should' this weekend. I'm resigned to it an I'm ok with it. (of course, because it is MY choice!)

What's my plan?   Enjoy the celebration with my husband......There have been some times where I seriously doubted that we would make it to this anniversary, so I plan on enjoying it. What are we doing?  We had planned a full weekend of travel and fun.  However, we decided to stay at home and spend that money on some patio furniture and some other small projects that involve a bit of spending.   It was a choice that we made and we were confident with that choice. (ahhh see choices!)  We have 'one meal' of yummy goodness planned for each day...and the rest of the meals smaller or rather healthier.  Today was hot taco dip (which we had for lunch)  ONe day is to go to Dolces, one is for Chinese (which I have been craving!).  I have turkey for sandwiches for our other meals.  So not 'too bad'.    (Day one and I'm only 250 calories not any great 'binge'!)

I already got groceries for the next week.  Many of my meals for the next week will be comprised of Salads.  I also have a variety of I may just throw together a small fruit salad for myself.  So on track eating after a meal or two of eating debauchery!

I've got this!   I have been totally determined to learn to 'live' and still be healthy!  Living means celebrating life's events without guilt but also learning to not throw myself totally off track!

And with my recent 'wearing heels' to work thing...and trying to dress nicer (most days), I thought that this was perfect!

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Run run as fast as you can, you can't catch me.........

I woke up this morning and I sooooo did not want to run.  I had made plans to run with my friend Paula. I laid in bed dreading it.  I secretly hoped that she would text me and cancel. I checked my phone….nothing!   I got up to go to the bathroom and I felt a twinge in my ankle.  I seriously thought about cancelling. I was hurt you know!  I checked my phone again when I laid back down.  No cancellation text.  Yeah, I can run on the foot, I can just wear an ankle brace or tape it up with KT tape, so I didn’t text to cancel.  Rain!   It was supposed to rain!  Maybe it was raining and I could be like “nope, can’t run it’s raining and it’s a cold rain” Yes, that was my excuse.  That worked until I pulled back the blinds and saw…..sunshine.  Well, then.  I guess I was running.  I wore and ankle brace for that twinge and I was off.

Ok, so my friend Paula runs at a fast pace than me.  YIKES!   When we go out running together, she is always running a few paces ahead of me.  I feel like she’s the carrot dangling before me and I’m chasing after it.  Or alternately, I’m the lead ball that she’s pulling along with her when she runs….slowing her down. 

The good news is that she runs intervals so if I can keep up (within a few feet)  she will stop to walk a bit.  That’s good, those walking segments allow me to catch my breath and continue on when it is next time to run.  It’s also good because I know that interval running helps with speed.  And heaven knows I need speed. 

I’m tired of the same story…so I’m not going to tell it.  I’m not going to talk about my eating that isn’t ‘bad’ but isn’t spot on.  Nope…just not gonna talk about it.  I meant to weigh myself this morning. (Gasp) but I forgot.  No, truly I forgot. I remembered when I was fully dressed, shoes on and walking out the door.  I plan on weighing tomorrow…pinky swear!

I’m still in my heel wearing kick.  And yes, it’s making me want to bike and run to really get the legs that the heels can show off!  J  Hopefully this upcoming weekend Todd and I can get out and ride on the canal….we are both off Friday, Saturday and Sunday to celebrate our 12 year wedding anniversary.

So I leave you with some pictures......dorky ...but fun from post run this morning!  I just realized that it looks like I have no arm in that baggy sleeve was a Chicago hat day and why yes, I wore my glasses to run and why yes, I ran through a constant fog the whole time!   And of course Paula. She was talking about getting a new headband...something she can wear in the of course.  I think the pink headband may be her thing.  :-)

Last but not least I give you our stats. I chose her stats....they were nicer than my stats, even though we did run side by side he whole dang time (or rather kinda side by two paces behind)