Thursday, April 23, 2015

A victory none the less

Ok, so today hasn’t been a stellar day of eating.  I had a piece of cake for breakfast.  Yeah yeah yeah…. You read that right.  A piece of cake!  It was my fault.  I got up early and did a few things and hadn’t eaten breakfast…so it’s 10AM and I was hungry!  So then the food fest just continued in high fashion as I left for work and was running late and hadn’t eaten lunch yet.  I stopped at Burger King.  Seriously?  I don’t even like fast food!  Can I say Burger King chicken sandwich….and onion rings.  And ohhhhh I don’t want to say it…….but I will.   I indulged in a chocolate milkshake.  Seriously?  I don’t even like fast food!


Ok, can’t look back.  Only forward.  The damage is done.   The food is however tracked.  (Holy cow…that large milkshake was 980 calories…ON IT’S OWN!....that doesn’t include the sandwich and onion rings! All 1900 calories for that ONE meal…and that is with a diet coke…..if I would have had a regular it would have been well over 2000 calories for one meal.  HOLY COY!)  But I’m tracked and accounted for.


I have been doing good with exercise.  I have been staying active and have kept moving.  I am however taking today off.   I weeded and mulched my parents flower beds for about 4 hours yesterday and then followed it up with a session of step zumba.  Today my back is tender and extremely sensitive.  I have learned the hard way to stop and rest the back when I can because pushing myself and letting it get worse is not a valid option. (Been there done that…..not being able to pull up your own pants is NOT fun!)


So while my eating hasn’t been spot on this week; I HAVE tracked and I will consider that a victory. I have also curbed some of the indiscriminate snacking whilst at work. (That is a  real killer!) Baby steps….

And just for fun........Cheryl (coworker) and I being goofy during a mandatory (boring) training at work.