Wednesday, September 06, 2006


Well.... 2.4 is the magic figure of weight loss for this last week. I was pretty darn tickled with my loss....especially since I made the wild leap from shorts to jeans! (I weighed them because everyone online was talking about it soooo was 1 pound more). So I can be satisfied that I had that weight loss...AND know that it probably would have been more if I had only worn shorts! Now that I am in jeans though..unless we have an utter hot heat wave...I'm not going back to shorts until next summer for my weigh ins!

We ate at Pizza Hut tonight. I do not feel guilty. I hate (ok, used to hate) thin crust pizza. I have always referred to it as pizza on a cracker...or cracker crust pizza. is much more point efficent to eat thin crust (although I do honestly love pan and really don't like thin crust). Well...I ate the thin crust...and a small salad. I was actually only 3 points over my daily allowance. I knew I could let the flex points catch those points...however I came home and exercised for an hour and fifeteen minutes! :-) Wooo hooo! :-)