Friday, November 06, 2015

Testing my willpower

All good things must come to an end....including a long vacation weekend.   

My weekend was awesome.  I think it was just what I needed for me.   It was the right combination of fun and interesting, being pushed out of my comfort zone, good food, and one of the most awesome friends (and her equally awesome husband).    I had an enjoyable time and I feel on top of the world after exploring the city on my own.   Being alone is a rather foreign concept to me and actually I'm learning, to a lot of people.  When I would tell people I was going on my own, I was constantly asked "By yourself?  That's nuts!"     It wasn't nuts.  Would I have liked to have had a friend with me?  Absolutely, I"m not a recluse.  But you know what?  My weekend was awesome and I'm sure it could have/would have been awesome with someone, but it would have been a TOTALLY different awesome.    

So I was back to work on Tuesday.  I was still in vacation mode and found myself eating at Cracker Barrel before work.  I tracked.  I didn't have snacked on a few pretzels at work and then had dinner.   Wednesday I was off work again (yes, I know....I live the hard life).   I had breakfast out...then went geocaching with a friend.   The friend wanted to pick up a donut...of course I ate a donut.  I also ate a piece of shoo fly pie and then a normal dinner.  OOPS....   

My day of geocaching was the sites that I get to see!!!!

Thursday I made a fatal flaw in my eating.  I ran 3.99 miles.  Yes, don't tell me....I KNOW that I should have ran that stupid one tenth of a mile...I wasn't dying and could have done it easily...but I wasn't running to hit any certain mile goal so I didn't pay attention when I first stopped the gps.  OOPS.   So anyway, I had a piece of pie when I came in from my run (breakfast).  I left for work at 11 and I wasn't even remotely hungry for lunch so I stupidly walked out without taking anything to eat.   By 3:00 I was sooo hungry.  So I caved and ordered food from the ONE place we have to get food from.  I didn't chose wisely either.   A grilled cheese and mozzarella sticks.  Yeah, bad.    So my eating hasn't been stellar.

However, I was able to maintain my weight this past week.  I'll take that as a victory (actually my official weight was two-tenths of a pound down)

I have been having a test of will power.  Last Friday night in Philadelphia I caved and bought a Package of Reeces cups.  I ended up not eating them that night.  And on Saturday I had much more will power.  I brought the delicious candy home and it is sitting on a dresser top in my living area.   I see it every day.  I want it...but I don't want the calories.   A test of will power!!!!!