Friday, December 07, 2007


Well...only 5 hours or work today and 4 hours tomorrow morning and Iwill have arrived at my mini vacation! I'm tickled! I need to have a little break! We are kinda playing this vacation time by ear. We have tickets to a hockey game. (I'm super excited about that as I love hockey!). But other than that, our plans are up in the air! Kinda whatever the mood strikes us to do!

I got the call yesterday that my jewelry was done. SO I beat a path to town last night to get them picked up. ARRGGH they were not sized correctly...they are BIG...big as in almost ready to fall off my fingers big. I was sooo excited to actualy have my rings the right size and to be able to wear them comfortably without them flopping all around. YEAH RIGHT! The lady finally told me that they would make it right for me...but they wanted me to wear the rings for the weekend. Ok...not sure what difference that will make. Yeah, I know my hands were a bit colder when I was there...HOWEVER, even with cold hands the ring should not be so loose as to be in danger of falling off!!!!! SOOOO I'm going to drop it off on Sunday. SHe told me that they would be able to resize it on Tuesday. That way I can pick it up on Tuesday night after Todd and I are finished volunteering at the soup kitchen. Tuesday is the only day that we are definitely not doing anything 'vacationy'. Todd has his board meeting at lunch time. I have to make it to one of my meetings at some point in the day. And at 4 or 4:30...we are going to volunteer at the soup kitchen. So that pretty much does up that day. I'm thinking that we will probably go to the gym between his board meeting (he'll eat lunch there...and I"ll go out with my mom) and volunteering at the soup kitchen. We'll probably go out to eat for dinner afterwards.

OK......this morning I was holding at 181.4. I'm pretty tickled with that......especially since my system seems to be a bit backed up again. (yes...sorry to those reading this if that was TMI). And the system being backed up does effect the weight in a negative way!

At that weight, I have 6.4 pounds to lose to make it to my New Years goal of being 175!!!!!! I may make this goal!!! Honestly, I haven't made many of the timed goals that I've set. Yeah, I've made all the weight goals....just not in the timeframe that I set aside for myself.....this one will be CLOSE as long as I stay diligent through the holidays...and especially through our four days off!