Wednesday, June 05, 2019

Best time to work out: mornings or nights?

As I am trying to get back into the swing of things with my work outs I have been struggling.  I struggle with work day workouts!  It is nuts!   Weekends seem to be no problem, but work days...ugggh!  I realized the issue on the is all about when is the best time to work out?

I am one of these people that researches a subject  when I come up with a question.  I google.  I buy books and read. I talk to experts. So it should be no surprise to hear that I have researched the question of when is the best time of day to workout.  I’ll even tell you the answer that I found.  But then later I will give you MY conclusion!  

The typical finding when you read about this subject is that a morning workout is best.  The theory is that after  your long sleep aka 8 plus hour fast, your body is primed to burn this is a good time to exercise because it will prompt more fat burning.  There are also proponents that say that morning exercise is best because it wakes up the body in preparation for you sat  versus Stimulating our bodies when our bodies should be powering down in preparation for sleep.  

I have mostly always followed the morning routine for other reasons.  I have always prescribed to the morning workout because morning workouts just naturally fit into my work schedule.  I enjoyed it because it gave me a boost of energy to start my day.  I started the day proud of my accomplishment and ready to conquer the world.  It just worked.  Even better it fit in with what the so called experts said!    

But what about those evening workouts? 

I experienced my first consistent evening workout plan when I started to attend a Zumba class after work.  Very quickly I learned that even though there was time for me to stop by my house after work to change and relax for a few minutes...that I could NOT do that.  I had to change at work and drive straight past my house.  I would sit in the parking lot at zumba for a half hour and read a book.  Why?  If I went home the process of leaving to go workout just didn’t happen.....I talked myself out of it!

As I began to make friends at my zumba class, it became much easier to go to the class.  I had accountability. My friends would be asking and contacting me if I wasn’t there.  AND if I didn’t go I missed the camaraderie.    I didn’t want to miss that class  for anything!    I still changed my clothes at work...but that was because my friends also got there early and we enjoyed that half hour of chitchat. The accountability and partnership took away any chance of me talking myself out of the evening workout.

So I switched jobs a few years ago.  My Zumba class also closed down, so the evening workout wasn’t happening.  I tried the morning workout.   Seriously, I did!  But my new schedule already hade waking up at 5am.  So crawling out of bed at 4 in the morning is ROUGH and left me exhausted!  Not to mention the fact that I don’t like to run in pitch dark! I just don’t feel safe!    Ugggghhh!  So that pushed me back to evening workouts!  As I mentioned earlier, I struggle with evening workouts. It is hotter outside. I’m tired after a long day. I want to get working on preparing dinner.  And a whole slew of other reasons that sidetrack me.  But that is what fits into my life right now.  I struggle with the evening workouts.   I cheer when it’s rainy and I have to forego it!  I talk myself out of going.  I invent aches and pains and feel excessive really is a struggle!

So, what is my conclusion for when is the best time to exercise?    We need to do what ever is best for our personality AND what is best for our lifestyle and schedule.  While I like morning workouts much better, that doesn’t fit for me right now.  That means that evening workouts is where it is at for me at this point in my life.      I may not burn as much fat in the evening but I am still burning some fat.  I am still making my body better and healthier!   But I will tell you this....I love the weekends when I can get out and get that workout done in the morning, and hey...maybe I’m burning a wee bit more fat on those workouts!!!

I still walk on my lunch break…(even when my zipper is down the whole circuit of the it was on Tuesday...SMH) 

But I really am trying to work in those evening workouts… Just like I did on Monday night when I proudly managed to get in a run...yes it made the evening quite hectic...but I did it!

So when is the best time to workout?  It’s not when a book tells you to work out.  It’s not when an expert says to get moving.   The best time to workout is the time that you can and WILL consistently get out there and do it!  If that is during your hour lunch break....that’s awesome!  If it is in the mornings.  Great!   If a workout isn’t possible until 10PM...then go for it!  Just workout!!!!!!