Monday, May 26, 2014

Vacation chronicles part uno

I was so excited on Thursday.  My weight was down and I was looking like I was going to show a decent loss.  But then when I weighed in I was 233.6.  I was OK with that (even though I was 232 the day before).  It was still a bit done.  And the amazing thing?  I wasn't at all focusing and my exercise was sporadic at best.  You see, I shared about my back being sore.  (Heck, who am I kidding the first day I couldn't even stand up was a bit more than 'sore').      Literally 5 days later I ran a 5K and running with a 'tender' back somehow triggered a hip issue.  I can only assume that me running so sensitive caused a bit of stress on my hip.  (there must have been a hitch in my giddyap due to the sore back).    I am hesitant to say anything about my most recent 'fun' because I just plain outright feel like I'm falling apart.  But on Wednesday I was getting groceries. I felt fine before and hurt like hell afterword!   As best I can figure somehow while hoisting the 35 pound (or however much it weighed) container of cat liter up into the cart or out of the cart and into my car I wrenched my shoulder).  Yes, my arm hurts when I move.  Yeah...lovely.   It's been bad enough that when I move in my sleep it wakes me up....and for me that is a bit amazing because I usually sleep like the dead.  Sooo, other than zumba on Tuesday (which was before the shoulder...and I just pushed through the hip pain) I haven't done much in terms of exercise....some walking, but nothing else.    Meanwhile, I'm totally bummed out about these's keeping me from doing what I want to do!!!!!

SOOO on to more exciting stuff.  I worked Saturday until noon.  The town Memorial Day parade was held an hour or so after I got off work.  It is actually a very historical it's the oldest continually running parade in the country.  Todd and I volunteer and donate the sound system for the of course we were there.

Honor Guard 
Spectators at the parade
We left the parade and within 15 minutes we had guests at our house.  You see, we planned to have a party that evening.   While the party was about 2 hours after the parade, there were some people that were in town for the parade and it made no sense for them to drive 20 minutes home...stay at home for just a few and then head back down to our place.    We had the fire going strong and we had a great time with friends around the bonfire and in some cases in the hot tub.
Some of our guests enjoying the hot tub.

It was a late night....but it was lots of fun.  I woke up early Sunday morning and I just couldn't bear to get out of bed.  You see my husband was tight on my right arm (that bad hurting arm...not that it matters) and snoring heavily....and I had my little old (shes actually not my oldest though) cat tight on my left side.  Seriously...I couldn't bear to interrupt her.  So I took a picture....and yeah, I look a bit demented!

MF and Ethel
Eventually she moved and I got up.  Todd kept snoozing away, so I headed out to the fire pit.  I spent some time cleaning up the yard and recovering various items (cooking tongs and skewers were strewn about..I moved chairs too...that sort of thing).  I also spent a few minutes adding water to the hot tub and heavily shocking the hot tub to return it back to it's pristine perfectly chemicalized (my word...but it works) state after it's HEAVY usage. (There was at least one person in the hot tub continually from about 4PM and until the party ended at 1 or 2 AM).  I went inside and washed all the dishes from Saturday night and packed up our gear for our Sunday fun.

Out on the river we went!   The  weather was perfect! We enjoyed a nice lunch on the boat and had a grand time!  All in all we were out for about 6-7 hours.  Long day but so much fun!

Today, Memorial Day has turned into a relaxing work around the house day.  I hadn't done one stitch of laundry last week....that needed to be done.  Todd had/has some work to do around the outside of the place, so he's been outside.  I've been getting inside stuff done.  :-)  (Ohhh...and we went to town this morning for an errand...and I saw my family for a few minutes...that makes me a happy girl!)

I was worried about my weight this morning.  Yesterday on the boat Shantel (one of our hosts) and I nibbled on food all day long.  Saturday night I ate at the party and really didn't think or worry about what I was eating.    Not something I recommend for weight loss.  But's life, I would be totally insane if I said that it was never going to happen.   I stepped on the scales and the scales read 232.6.  I'll take it.  Two rough days of eating (OK, they weren't rough...they were fantastically delicious!)and right now I've been lucky.  But I've got to turn this ship around...or at least turn it a bit healthier so that I can maintain that the rest of the vacation.

We shall see what comes next...but I'm here....I'm hanging tight and best of all....I'm enjoying my vacation time thus far!