Sunday, June 25, 2006

I have absolutely no will power. None at all. Yesterday I was at work and one of the girls that I work with mentioned that she was hungry for doughnuts. I jumped up, grabbed my money and was off to buy a dozen doughnuts. I couldn't just stop at eating one. I couldn't just stop at eating two. Three you may be asking. I WISH! I ate four doughnuts through the course of the day. I'm ashamed to write that, but four doughnuts. I simply forewent lunch....ate a doughnut instead. eii yii yii

Then I had leftover doughnuts that I brought home. This morning I was only going to eat one......oops two down the hatch before I could remember that.... "Oh yeah, I'm dieting". I threw the rest in the garbage before I could tally up the same number today as I did yesterday!

I've decided that my goal for this week....along with eating better (Stand away from the doughnuts), is to actually try to exercise each day. Even if it is just twenty minutes on the exercise bike. I'm actually thinking 20 minutes on the exercise bike each day....and then whatever other exercise comes up in the natural progression of the day!