Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A day off well I"m well spent

BUSY BUSY BUSY day....and it was/is my day off of work! I got up at around 6Am. I did some work here at my desk, such as organizing my 'dump it in' bin, payed a few bills, copied a few dvd's, took my measurements for the month of May, updated my weight loss charts, that kind of thing. I then took off on a mad cleaning dash through the house. Toilets, floors, tables, nothing was untouched! I was a cleaning machine. I was outside by 9Am. I painted. And I painted. I did take a break for lunch. BUt immediately following that I painted. Then I painted some more. ANd then, just because that wasn't enough, I painted. FINALLY, I decided to call it quits for the day. I came inside and hopped onto the exercise bike and rode! I didn't ride too overly far or too overly long. BUt I rode. 7.38 miles. I ran out to the kitchen and put dinner in the oven. AND then FINALLY jumped into the shower. THe hot water felt soooo good. THe only problem. I had already done a few loads of laundry, washed some dishes and Todd had been i the shower. THe hot water didn't last all that long. ARRGGHH Oh was good while it lasted.

Dinner...what the heck. I made scalloped potatoes. I've made this recipe a million ga-jillion times. ANd I was soooo hungry. SO when it was time to eat and I served them up....ick...they were still hard. Ok, they weren't hard...they just weren't totally soft. What's up with that. They were in the oven the full length of time...actually even longer than should be. ARRGGHHH OH well...everything else was tasty.

Hopefully my day of activity will show pleasant results on the scales tomorrow! This morning, I was only down .2 pounds from my yesterday morning home weight (yesterday was was 180.4) I can't wait until I actually see the 170's on my home scales also! THen I will KNOW that I"m there.

Talking to Todd about my reward that I set for myself for the 170's. It was to go away on a day trip. I still want to do it. But we have soooo much dang work around the house here. And we have a self imposed deadline to get it done. SO all our time off gets sucked into these projects. I'm going to reward my self with the clothes taht I bought on Sunday. And give myself a little shopping trip every 5 pounds as a reward. :-) ONce we get some of these projects off our plates, then I"ll revisit the idea of going on a day trip! We'll see. The car stero is still my 164 goal though!

I'm planning on making pancakes and canadian bacon for a meal tomorrow. That sounds SOO Good to me. MY mouth is watering just thinkign about it. Yes, I'll eat healthy the rest of the day to compensate for it! AND exercise to beat the band. I"m actually hoping to get two rides in tomorrow. I watch the biggest loser austrailian season one while riding on the indoor bike currently. Tomorrow should be a normal 30 minute episode. And that would put me in line for an hour long episode on Friday. HOWEVER, with my would be best for me to do a shorter ride on Friday. SOOO I"m going to try to ride twice tomorrow 1.5 hours. :-) We'll see. Honestly, like normal, I"ll be happy with one ride :-)