Thursday, February 13, 2014

Winter just needs to go away!

This winter stuff is infringing upon my plans to improve my numbers in running.  Seriously!

Ok, I like snow.  It's pretty and all that  But I'm just ready for warm.  I'm ready...ready to get out and run and ride my bike!  

Yes, today dumped about 15 inches of snow on us.  We've had snow and/or ice at least once a week since Christmas.  (and actually I think since the beginning of December). Ok, we may have had a week where there was nothing...but wait, those are the days that it is 0 degrees in the middle of the afternoon.  So yeah, I'm done with winter!

I've eating probably too much today.  I woke up and at about 7 drug myself out of my warm bed.  (at 6:30 they delayed opening the bank until 11).   I made waffles for breakfast (and turkey bacon for Todd).

 At about 8AM they actually decided to close the bank for the day.  I walked out the door at 8:05 and spent almost exactly 2 hours outside shoveling the heaps of snow.  
Why yes, that is one of those 'ole men hats'  it is absolutely awesome!

Not playing...WORKING.  I came inside at right about 10....took off my top layer and headed straight for the exercise bike.  Why yes, I did do two hours of shoveling outside and then follow it up with 60 minutes on the exercise bike.  I am all that and a slice of bread!     After my ride, I showered, checked my mail and put lunch n the oven.  Yeah, we had Stromboli. (I had pepperoni....yeah, real pepperoni).  So my eating has been a bit above and beyond today.  Oh well.

The afternoon has been spent relaxing.  I figured out that curling is really quite addictive to watch.  I sat down to watch the women's hockey game but fell asleep.  Now I"m up and watching luge.  Hey, it's inspiring, knowing that these athletes have scarified and worked out and just been amazing in their efforts.  Makes my efforts to lose weight pale in comparison. OH yeah, you are wondering how much these curling guys work out.  Yeah, they showed a calendar....holy cow those guys were all muscles and totally buff!

Yay, the precipitation has recommenced! Ok, once again.....on days like oday where winter allows me to stay home I love it....i'm just antsy because I want to go out running without the risk of breaking my neck...o or getting run over by some red neck in a truck on my lame-o back road!

I'm reconsidering the exercise bike thing.  I have a recumbent bike.  It's got some issues...and I'm happy that it gets me moving.  HOWEVER,I know it's not giving me a good workout.  So I'm one again reconsidering the indoor bike training question.  Trainer?   Exercise bike?   GAH, I hate decisions like this!

Well I better get back to the focusing on these relay luge races.  Highly important!    Plus, cats await me!!!!  That is Lucy laying on a pillow that is sitting on the arm of the couch above my folded up pillow and that is Ethel laying beside my pillow sharing my blanket.