Monday, May 01, 2006

Progress....sometimes is harder to find, but it is there!

I really need to measure's been probably a month and a half since I measured....poundage-wise...seem to be sitting still. :-( The doctor was actually pleased though today....I was 30 pounds lighter than when I was last there a while back.

Well, even though I haven't been seeing a great loss of weight, I did see a difference in SOMETHING this week. We have been working in the garden a lot this week. Previous years, I do something for 15 minutes and I was wiped out.......sore...tired, etc etc etc. Not this year. I noticed that my stamina is much better for active tasks. THe other thing....I've started riding my bike on HILLS.....I have been riding a lot on the canal in previous years...FLAT. I've started riding on the battlefield roads...VERY hilly! It KILLS me, and I am panting and gasping for breath when I get to the top of these hills...BUT the good thing. I recover within a minute or so.....last time I had tried to ride on the battlefield, I couldn't catch my breath...and we actually had to stop for about 15 minutes or so for my heart to stop racing. Now, I keep biking but still recover much faster!