Sunday, November 08, 2015


We have choices with our dreams.   We can dream and do nothing to make the dreams come true.   We can dream and plan to make the dreams come true.  Or we can dream, plan and DO!

If I had a dream to build my own house but just sat on the couch and talked about the dream what would it get me????    Nothing.  

 I would have to take the next step and plan out my the house.....but if I stop there what would it get me?????   Nothing

To build the house I have to plan and get up off the couch and pick up a hammer and build!!!!   

Just do it!!!!    I'm back to the Nike slogan. Which I have talked about on  my blog before.    It makes so much sense to me now on such a deep level!  Weight loss dreams are the same....dreams and plans are not enough....I have to DO!!!!!!!

I made it to the gym yesterday!!!!!    Felt good to do something a little different!!!!   

This morning I went running.    I got back, showered and went to breakfast.   As I stood up from breakfast I groanedZ. For some reason I was sore!!!   I feel a little achy sometimes but my calves are almost never sore!!!!!   

I went to church with a friend...then moved into geocaching.....first few steps on each search was rough but I loosened up each time.    

Not the greatest picture but I HATE these rat caches!  I know they are fake...but they give me the creeps!!!

It wasn't until I got home that I realized that the crampy legs were probably due to dehydration.  I typically drink - good bit of water after a run...but I didn't drink any and headed right out the door.  By 3  when I got home I had still had only consumed MAYBE 8 ounces of water.   NOT enough by a long shot!!!!   Duh!!!!!