Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happiness and despair

Ok, so I'm not really in a state of despair. However, I allowed myself to have a free meal today. I didn't feel sick after I ate..however I was full! I also ate foods that I normally wouldn't have. Did I enjoyit? EVERY BITE! I did eat more lightly for dinner tonight. So we'll see how it goes on the scales.

My official weight last night was 184.6. That does sound about right. I weighed in at 183 at home...nekid as a jaybird. And I do know that the clothes that I wore would be about a pound and a half or so. So...I'm ok with it all. :-) How could I not...if I go my official weigh ins...then 184.6 is my lowest yet! WOo HOOOO! I'm sooo going to make my new years goal!!!!

Today Todd and I took another load up to the Rescue Mission. I'm very happy to announce that we have ONE more load to take up and then we will be DONE! I'm super excited...this is just one more step done...and almost at the end might I add of a LONG, DIRTY, NASTY project that started in APRIL!!!!! We also ran into the mall and walked around and went to Target. I bought two things for Christmas gifts. Yeah me! :-) BUt anyway...once we got home, I decided to finish up the organizing of my craft stuff! I'm so proud to announce that it is DONE! (What's up with me????)

Exercised this morning before we left for town. Really hard workout.....but bad because when I was done I actually felt lightheaded and like I was going to pass out. Everyonce in a while that happens if I"m pushing myself too hard! least I know I got a good workout today. :-)

Tomorrow I work from 7:45AM until 6:15 PM. Long day. I've already got my lunch partially packed so I'm ready to go. I'll get up 2 hours early. Exercise during the first hour and then get ready to go. :-) Todd got a check in the mail the other day as a belated birthday gift. We are going to use it to go out to eat. I think we are going to go down to Brewers Alley in Frederick tomorrow night. It should be good food...and I can eat sensibly there! (Just in case, I've planned my lunch to compensate somewhat.)

So, here I sit at my computer. Last year, my computer somehow miraculously 'lost' all of my music on ITunes. Quite nutty....and since I don't keep my christmas music on my actual IPOD, it went POOF. Not a big deal...I have the original CD's. So it's just a matter of dumping them back onto my computer. That's my project tonight. I'm hearing a sampling of christmas Music as I dump it all's GREAT! I LOVE CHRISTMAS MUSIC!!!!!!!

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